Wednesday, April 18


Rob021c aka RobOrange

If I say to you "do tangerine, mango, carrot, rust, pumpkin, salmon, coral, apricot, carrot, peach, paprika, brick, rust, saffron, copper" do you think 'orange"? Orange of course! The orange, or the orange one as good French of the Arab “narandj”

Its name comes to him naturally from the fruit eponyme, but one does not call it like since XIV century, date of the first imports of orange trees in Europe.

In Christendom, the orange is associated the revelation of the universal love. It is also symbol of fidelity, or insoluble marriage when it is placed in the bride's bouquet. On the Irish flag, the orange one symbolizes the Protestant religion, in opposition to the green which represents the Catholic religion.

In the Hindouism, it is a representation of the purifying fire of the body and passions, a symbol of the release. For Buddhism, the orange one represents 2nd will chakra human body, that which establishes the link between the creativity and the dynamism.

In the interpretation of the dreams on the other hand, the orange one would be an emblem of the lust, an expression of the need for expansion and pleasure, an inversion of the Christian symbolic system.

In policy, since the Gregorian revolution, the orange became political color of freedom. It is the same in Ukraine, Israel and in Lebanon.

Lastly, to return to the Western culture, the orange one is used like color of indication of a danger. Indeed, it is about one of the colors which the man sees best. This hyper-visibility is then used for the waistcoats and lifeboats, of the building sites, and other situations where the risk and the visibility are dependent.

Orange is my badge.

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  1. You forgot Cheetos fingers! It is more yellow-orange, but it still counts!