Friday, September 26

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Richard Winsor in Dorian Gray

"Raw and eventually destructive -- and self-destructive -- sex hits the audience like a bracing slap in the face throughout Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray (which has moved from London to Theatre Royal Newcastle for a one-week run, and is likely to reach American shores soon.) Because there's no dialogue in Bourne's modern-day dance-theater adaptation of Oscar Wilde's tale of poisoned beauty, the florid and frightening Wilde language is lost. But what's gained is a savage depiction of the kind of asphyxiating icon worship rampant in early 21st-century society. The work is boldly danced by Richard Winsor as the rapidly coming-undone eponymous figure, flowing-tressed Ashley Bain as the photographer luring Dorian to his downfall, and the statuesque and stunning Michela Meazza as a predatory Eileen Ford; the soaring, searing original music is by Terry Davies; and the noirish sets and costumes are by Bourne's usual collaborator Lez Brotherston. One moral of this cautionary tale: If you're ever asked to do a Calvin Klein underwear or cologne commercial, just say no."


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