Saturday, March 31

What's up, Popeye?

Late Evening Cutie

At "Hunger Games"


Google: Seduced by the New...

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Handsome Sailor

Legion of Super-Hero Character Sketches

Google Maps Goes 8-Bit

Music Mix

Luke Howard – Black Women Speak About Love

Music Mix

Music from Avi Elman

What's The Point

Evil-Doers Beware


It's the Golden Lad! I wonder what his super powers could be?

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LSH Pin-Up

Colossal Boy Fan Art

MAD TV: Super Friends

NCAA Bracket Infographic


Thursday, March 29

Meanwhile in Russia...

Hot because he knows what's up.        Via Tap That Guy



Looking like a prior short term 3-month boyfriend.

Obsessing Over the Gay

Prez Too Sexy for Re-Election

Music from Simian Mobile Disco


"Game of Thrones" Opening Credits

Map of the Mind

Vintage Sci-Fi Art


Over 71,000 Yen at the link. I love 'em.

Grundini Print Ad

Legion of Super-Heroes Pin-Up

Legion of Super-Heroes Pin-Up

Infographic on Color

DC Universe Comics: "Aquaman" #8 Cover


That sh#t is sick.

Wednesday, March 28




"Skyrim" Travel Posters

Beatles/Avengers Mash-Up



Thebes: 'Venice' of Egypt

"Long before the canals of Venice sprung up in the swamps of the Adriatic, the ancient Egyptians are said to have used their own waterways to build an entire city into the Nile River. Now at last, we might actually find it.

Thebes may have really did once resembled an ancient Venice, with canals and waterways dug into the area surrounding the Nile to allow barges to easily cross from one side of the city."


Mighty FC Jeep Concept

That sh*t is sick.


SlagsmÄlsklubben - Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

I've posted this in the past, but I still love it. 

Vintage Home Design

The Santorum Adminsitration?

Round the queers up & ship them all to Australia!   Please.