Monday, December 31

New Year's Twins


Olympian Louis Smith


Lady Gaga

New Year's Infographic

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year

Drinks All Around


So long, 2012!

Art Installation in Denmark

“Your Rainbow Panorama” is a permanent installation on the rooftop of the ARoS Museum in Aarhus, Denmark.

Sci-Fi TV Series
 "A new television series based on the magazine Heavy Metal. This new TV series is called Metal Hurlant Chronicles, and is only set to air in France for now, but I imagine somewhere down the line that it will be released in the U.S. as well. The series has already filmed two seasons that feature 12 half hour long episodes."

Hopefully this will make it to the U.S. or online.

Via my Nephew

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Expecting First Child

In nine months expect the birth of the anti-christ.

Magic Canary Print

Captain America Cosplay


Let's be blunt...


Topic at hand...

So cute it's sick.

Sunday, December 30

Meanwhile in South Africa...


Son of a...


Comic Book Recommendation

Music from Ester Dean

I've been waiting for the return of this sound. I love this. 

Music form John Dahlback

Take This Thing Back

Music from Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks


Music fro Michal Tello

Black Thought

URL of the Day

Pixar Artist Creates 365 Characters

Sunday Noon Retro Tune

Desktop Wallpaper

Comic Book Cartography

Vintage Poster Art