Friday, January 6



  1. Scot...with one T10:12 PM

    Rob, I don't know how long I've been stopping by to look at the pretty pictures, listen to the music, read the snark and just enjoy your blog. Through all of this and the too few emails we've exchanged I've judged you to be a big hearted, hard working guy who knows how to enjoy life. In spite of your love of tattoos and women dressed up as superheros, I can think of no reason for you to be sad. Sometimes life seems like a big pile of shit, we gotta get through it. There's so much more to enjoy, you know how to do that. Buck up, Buttercup, tomorrow is coming whether we want to appreciate it or not. I know that would look better written in COMIC SANS!

  2. Scot...with one T4:04 AM

    No problem...