Tuesday, June 2

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  1. Hello dear friend, you might be surprised but I am writing from Russia. Yes, I live in Russia, the city of Perm, it is near the Ural Mountains, and our city has a million people living, as you can see a lot. I'm gay, accidentally got on yours I’m constantly blogging because of the guys’s photos))) Of course, we in Russia are well aware of this crime of a policeman who strangled a man with his knee. This is terrible, it is on TV and in the media and on the Russian Internet. By the way, I do not watch television, so do not blame me for being zombified by Russian TV))) I watch independent media, for example Dojd, Rain in Russian or listen to Echo of Moscow, do not be surprised at the name of this liberal radio and anti-Putin journalists work there, including Eugene Albats for example which is both an American citizen and a teacher at the American Institute. Yes, we show both Floyd’s murder and protests, but at the same time, we’ll be honest, right? -We think that we also have store robberies and other acts of vandalism. horrible? We write th the singer Lana Del Ray was harassed only because she posted a video of these robberies. For what ??? Can you poison her because she is against robberies and vandalism? And her blacks are poisoned. So it’s impossible. I can assure you we don’t have any hostile topic against the American people in the media. We don’t have a good attitude towards Trump either. And we didn’t have any special attitude from the media when he was elected to the presidency. So Trump wants to help Russia and transfer the devices to hospitals - Is it bad? Is it bad to help each other? Do you know, for example, that Russia sent several dozen trucks with equipment for hospitals and a team of doctors to Italy? Have you written about this in the USA? Not a single EU country has helped Italy when there was trouble. Russia helped. I ask you, we don’t have to get us involved in your affairs, you don’t have to get Putin involved. I’m not for him, I just see what really is and it’s strange for me to read your accusations, it’s not true. demonstrations prot They eat, they show peaceful people but they also show looters, and it is. And you know, when I see your accusations of Russia, I remember the years in the USSR, when the Soviet media also accused America without evidence of everything. It was propaganda. But that what you blame now, Russia is also propaganda. Peace be with you, homosexual people. Don’t think bad about us, don’t think that we have a bad life, it’s not like that, we even have gay clubs and gay saunas in cities like Moscow or St. Petersburg there are a lot of them! ))) Good luck to you!