Thursday, January 28

Unexcusable Retrumpilcan Behavior

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  1. OMG!
    How can she could even be able to go on the balllot for Repuclicans with all what all could know about her agenda and public posts?

    With all what is going on in that party for many years, it's not surprising but where are the REAL Republicans, Christians and Evangelicals who are PRO LIFE and who should be ruled by Jesus law of «LOVE» and not such HATE.

    Well, thinking of it in second thought, they're now kneeling in front of a bully crinminal ex president. They were to coward to speak against his bad behaviors etc..

    That kind of person like her would be never able to pass her candidacy to represent a Canadian county. She would have been prosecuted for incitation of violence and murder threats before any of this.

    Our police and secret services are all over internet and such posts as hers would automatically lead to a serious enquiry and condamnation in court.