Thursday, February 4

The Grand Qanon Party


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  1. Don't call that an evolution or more, don't call them «conservative» but «regressive» or worst, «repressive».
    This party that was so into Evangilical ideology is now more going on the evil side and HATE is becoming their way of speaking.

    I never can stay on «Fuck News» long without skin bumps growing on my arms.
    It's HATE all over and misinformations.

    When you applaude a «b...tch» like Marjorie Taylor Greene and sip all of her lies, your living in that alternative world Qanon is spreading all over.

    Never here in Canada we would allowed such behaviors from our elected representatives.
    More, if you saw the news yesterday, ALL federal representatives from ALL parties in Ottawa, banned the Proud Boys and made them a «terrorist group» that will be banned from everywhere, get their banking accounts seized and their websites inquired by the police.