Monday, May 28


The Winners!

Palme d'Or (Golden Palm):
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days directed by Cristian Mungiu
A low-budget, naturalistic film about a student who goes through horrors to ensure that her friend can have a secret, illegal abortion in Communist-era Romania.

Special 60th Anniversary Award:
Gus Van Sant for Paranoid Park
Focuses on a teenage skateboarder whose life turns upside down when he accidentally kills a security guard.

Grand Prize:
Naomi Kawase for The Mourning Forest
A film about two people - a retirement home resident and a caretaker at the center - struggling to overcome loss.

Best Director:
Julian Schnabel for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
American filmmaker Schnabel directed this French-language film based on a memoir by a French magazine editor who became paralyzed after a stroke and learned to write again by blinking his eyelid into a sensor.

Best Screenplay:
Fatih Akin for The Edge of Heaven
Written and directed by Akin, the film is a German-Turkish cross-cultural tale of loss, mourning and forgiveness.

Jury Prize:
Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi
A moving and funny adaptation of Satrapi's graphic novel about growing up during and after Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution.
Silent Light by Carlos Reygadas
A tale of forbidden love set among Mennonite farmers of northern Mexico.

Camera d'Or (First-Time Filmmakers):
Meduzot (Jellyfish) by Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen
An Israeli ensemble dramatic comedy with themes including the need for affection and the struggle to communicate.

Best Leading Actor:
Konstantin Lavronenko in The Banishment
Lavronenko plays a troubled husband in a Russian drama about a couple whose marriage disintegrates during a stay in the country.

Best Leading Actress:
Jeon Do-yeon in Secret Sunshine
Do-yeon plays a widow struggling to cope with her husband's death.

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