Sunday, October 31

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Hero

Cuff me Batman.

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Cute Guy

This Halloween!

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Hero

B'wana Beast!


Walking NYC Halloween Parade Tonight

Look for one of 100 Mad Hatters and a Red Queen on the live feed tonight.

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NYC Cutie

NYC Cutie

Sunday Noon Retro Tune

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30

On Broadway...

Waiting to see 'Just Jack' at the same theatre we saw The Color Purple.


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What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Heroes

Adam Strange & Superman!

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Boy Wonder

Happy Halloween!

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

I am not sure how I made it all
the way up to his teeth, but those
are perfect too.

Happy Halloween!

What Next...Travel

Breslin at the Ace Hotel

"The Breslin has received a coveted Michelin star. Other hotel restaurants that kept their previously awarded stars in the 2011 Michelin Guide are: Jean Georges at The Trump International (3*), Gordon Ramsay at The London (2*), Gilt at The Palace (2*), L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the Four Seasons (1*) and Adour at The St. Regis (1*). The Breslin is the only new addition."

At the time I am writing this I plan to eat at the Breslin during my stay at The Ace Hotel.


Room with a view...

It is my birthday and I dedicate this to...myself.

Saturday Morning Retro TV Moment

Happy Birthday, RobOrange!

Friday, October 29

What Next...Retro Cinema

Steel Magnolias

Some of my friends may draw a comparison of this character with her compact and
my mirrored iPhone.


What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Heroes

Happy Halloween!

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Spartan


14 More Hot Costumes

What Next..Celebs

Porn Star & Missing $150000 Watch

Plus, Charlie Sheen equals a salacious story involving a $19000 rented date.


Nicole Scherzinger - Poison

Robyn 'Indestructible' Official Video

Robyn | Myspace Music Videos

Bad Things That Could Happen from This Is It on Vimeo.

Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

Seems reasonable.

What Next...Travel

Ace Hotel

One of NYC's hippest new hotels in Midtown near the Empire State Building.


"It's a technology!"

What Next...Obsessorizing

Denim Filson Tote

A Levi's manbag for your laptop, iPod and such.


Thursday, October 28

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

Rated R!

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

That is a friend of a friend.

Via Moralez with a Z

Well, alright now!

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot 'Hero'

Uh, you need a sidekick?

What Next...Gossip

Olivia Munn Homewrecker

Justin Timberlake hooked up with a prior ATOS co-host while dating Jessica Biel. You go girl!


What Next...WTF?!

Wilson's Leather Slave?

I am not sure how I missed this, but there is some sort of situation with a leather dude, "The Machine" and the Giants' pitcher, Brian Wilson. "The Machine" originates from the Nicolas Cage film "8MM" (Eight Millimeter). As the Giants' pitcher is being interviewd the leather dude passes by in the background.

I had no idea that this bearded player was Brian Wilson either. Supposedly, the leather slave is Pat Burrell of the Giants. They are also 'roommates' in San Francisco.


So cute its sick.

What Next...Obsessorizing

Hackett Tote

Really fabulous to me. I do love the bag to compartamentalize my life into.


What Next...Obsessorizing

Gucci Rain Boots

If you on the street in NYC while it's raining, notice some people wearing rain boots. These are swank to me.


What Next...Comics

New Ultimates #4

Valkyrie has been re-imagined in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. The Asgardian demi-goddess looks awesome!


What Next...Print

Entertainment Weekly

Captain Amerrrrica!


What Next...Travel

Cafe Sideways

Near the NY Public Library


The Misfits (oh so very bad and not in a chill way)

What Next...Real Estate

Outrageous NYC Prices

Not only your mortgage, but unreal monthly maintenance fees.

Via New York Magazine
Click to enlarge.

What Next...Gadgets

PSP Phone

Possible photo of the rumored PSP mobile phone device.


Wednesday, October 27

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Hero


What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

From Dancing With the Stars.
I just call him Christopher Atkins.

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

With tats.

Via Voenix Rising
At times NSFW

What Next...Menswear

John Bartlett

Spring 2011 Collection


Lunchtime Cutie

Time Traveler in Old Chaplin Footage

Contributed by MacGuru

What Next...TV Entertainment

The Gayest Toon on TV

"The Venture Brothers may have started out as a funny little parody of Johnny Quest and 1960s superhero comics, but over the course of four seasons it's evolved into an incredibly complex and detailed satire of pop culture. It also might be the gayest cartoon on television right now."

I have been watching this show for years now and when I recant an event to my husband he is like that was said on a cartoon? The jump will take you to 6 examples of The Venture Bros. gettin' its Gay on.


What Next...Music

DJ Schmolli Mash-Up

Ghosts & Fear for Halloween
Deadmau5 - Ghosts N' Stuff
Alice Cooper - Keepin' Halloween Alive
At The Gates - Blinded By Fear

Audio Here

Yelle - Le Musique
Found at Towleroad

Madeinbrazil33 by Made In Brazil

All previous podcasts are available on iTunes.

1. All Time Low- The Wanted
2. Firework- Katy Perry
3. Raise Your Glasses- P!nk
4. We R Who We R- Ke$ha
5. Heartbeat- Enrique Iglesias Feat. Nicole Scherzinger
6. Please Don't Go- Mike Posner
7. Wonderful Life (Hurts Cover)- Kylie Minogue
8. Indestructible- Robyn
9. Club Cab't Handle Me- Flo Rida Feat. David Guetta
10. Only Girl (In The World)- Rihanna
11. Forever And A Day- Kelly Rowland
12. Loca (Freemasons Radio Edit)- Shakira
13. Promise This- Cheryl Cole
14. Never Say Never- Justin Bieber Feat. Jaden Simth
15. Whip My Hair- Willow Smith
16. The Time (The Dity Bit)- Black Eyed Peas
17. F**k You- Cee Lo Green
18. Who's That Chick?- Rihanna