Wednesday, April 30


Jim Sturgess Spiderman?

The other evening I finally watched "Arcoss the Universe". This actor was very good in his role and yesterday I read in Men's Vogue he may be Spiderman on Broadway.


Lee Pace

Some good things do come from Texas. Pace was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma. As a young child, Pace spent several years in Saudi Arabia where his father was in the oil business, and they later moved to Houston, Texas. He temporarily quit high school to act at Houston's Alley Theatre before returning to graduate. During his time at the Alley he was in productions of The Spider's Web and The Greeks. He attended Klein High School, just outside of Houston.


Corporate Animation

See the 10 minute film below.

Space Art

Art Space: Architecture and Landscape Digital Arts Challenge winners - “Complex at the Centre of the Universe” by Staszek Marek shown. See other images at the jump.

Click Here


My 'Russian Blue'

Katarina Noelle enjoys her view of the birdbath beneath our bedroom window. It's like
live teevee for my cats.

Tuesday, April 29



Fantastic eyewear with a hip campaign. Geeks are hot.


I love me some kitties.



Skin cancer awareness T-shirts


Edmundo Castillo

Would you buy a pair of shoes from this designer? Hells yea-yuh!


Olivia Munn

She's HOT & she can be quite raw at times on ATOS. Guys like that.




Kiki is my very own "Olivia Munn" from Attack of the Show. Kiki was judged at FaceStat. Get yours below.


Hero History

Who the hell is Kid Quantum you say? Find out more at the link.


Monday, April 28


David Salmoni

This guy was on Letterman. Salmomi is a hunky animal handler.

Video Here

NxtUp...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Swimsuit

Hello, boys!


Haffstreuner Men's Watch

What a great watch. I love the size and the bronze metal touches.


David Yurman Ring

From the Exotic Stone Collection, ring in sterling silver ring with pietersite.



Abraj Al Bait Towers

In the past I had posted how much I hated this building in Mecca. Someone anonymous wrote this update on the building..."Hey man, I'm living in a city that is next to Mecca. It's a nice idea. Everyone in Mecca can see it. Mecca's buildings are small so they will see this clock from everywhere. People come to Mecca for worshiping,, it also helps tourists from abroad know the time in Mecca."

Wiki Abraj Al Bait Towers


Ice Skaters

Frick & Frack - a term derived from this ice skating duo. I had no idea until today.


Sunday, April 27

NxtUp..Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

I am lookin' for some bromance!

NxtUp...Orange Eye®

For the Spandex Guy

Lycra...what a wonderful fabric.


Translucent Bird Lamp

"Light and airy enough to fit into traditional, classic style."



Tuesday's Media Tidal Wave

Robyn, Estelle, Golden Compass, GTA IV, Madonna & Santogold all in one day. Plus, it's my BFF, Klinka's, birthday.

Saturday, April 26

If my blog had sponsors...

Some gay rap form Johnny Dangerous.

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For the Hot Guy

I love the outdoors!



Dayum! I heart this.



Sita Sings the Blues

Sita is a goddess separated from her beloved Lord and husband Rama. Nina is an animator whose husband moves to India, then dumps her by email. Three hilarious shadow puppets narrate both ancient tragedy and modern comedy in this beautifully animated interpretation of the Indian epic Ramayana. Set to the 1920's jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw, Sita Sings the Blues earns its tagline as "The Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told."


Friday, April 25

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For the Vacation Guy

From my upper level hotel room in SF. Now that is a banana hammock.
I zoomed in as much as I could.

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For the Hot Guy



Wallpaper Art

Who has this kind of time?


Starship Dimensions

Beware! This site on starships will engulf your time.


Be judged...

By is not accurate, but it is momentarily amusing.

Preview for "Hancock"...snicker...July 2nd


Tiny Printer

This fall they're releasing a handheld printer that lets you create 2 x 3-inch prints in 60 seconds. It's small enough to stick in your pocket, so you can turn your camera phone or digital camera into a mobile print shop.



Dining Out for AIDS

One of the hosts of this local Houston show was at an unexpected place last evening.
My partner, Eric, and I went to a local burger place that would donate part of it's
profits to HIV/AIDS projects. At least 50 other places were part of this event, but
the "Rascal" and his really cute girlfriend with glorious purple pumps and
red/orange dress picked that dive to go too. It was very cool to see someone there
that was in the media and was dining there just for that event. Rascal did eat a
ONE POUND burger while there. Yes, one pound burgers are sold the Itty-Bitty Burger Barn.

NxtUp...Then & Now

Aging Celebrities

Joan Van Ark & Bruce Jenner....WTF?! See others at the jump.

Thursday, April 24

Raquel Welch in a retro-entertainment moment.

NxtUp...Print Ads

Hugo Boss


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For the Hot Guy

Bartender, I'll have another and keep 'em coming.

Via Our Lady of Ideas

The History (Propaganda) of Oil


Hand Trouble

As I write this, I am waiting on a catscan that I just had to pay $530 for and that is WITH my Blue Cross Blue Shield. OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! At least I get WiFi for my $530 while I wait. Meanwhile some 16 year girl is watching a movie on her iPhone. Hate her. I just spent my iPhone money. Broken wrist raised to the heavens yelling "Why, why?"!


$1300 Sunglasses

THAT is not right.

Wednesday, April 23

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For the Hot Guy

Wow! I do you go around looking like that? How?!

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For the Vacation Guy

In Venice

Merci, Janus


Project Superpowers

I finally got around to reading issues 0-2 and these character sketches by Alex Ross of some Golden Age Heroes were just begging to be scanned in for your enjoyment.


Amazing Man

Major Spoilers has taken time to post the history of Amazing Man.

Major Spoilers