Friday, November 30


Hex Codes

A handy chart to work color.


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For the Hot Nerd

You + Me = We

NxtUp...Retro Ad

Personally this Space Ranger...

Turned into a 'Rump Ranger'.

Image via


Show Me the Monnnney!

These little work of art, "Show Me The Money" card wallets are screen-printed and embossed in gold.



Crazy Pants

These youngsters these days and the crazy fashion they wear. That fox draws the eye right to the junk. Hmmmm



Create your own robot!

Build your own and purchase at the link below.



The Robot Quad

I love me some robots, astronauts, spaceships, shoes, bags, comics and cute guys. Not always in that order.



Marvel Atlas

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe has details on the geopgraphy of the Marvel Universe.



Star Wars Inspired Facility

"While pursuing his master’s degree at the University of Texas, Arlington, Jason Mellard, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, designed an aquatic research and housing facility to be located 50–100 miles offshore. Citing the Star Wars films, Santiago Calatrava, and offshore oil platforms as inspiration, Mellard’s structure was intended to be a prototype for studying marine and avian life out at sea."


A retro-video moment...

Thursday, November 29

A retro-music moment...

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Wow! Does he have a license for those big guns?


Excellent Desktop Wallpaper

Magic Highway U.S.A. Publicity Stills from 1958

Kevin Kidney has uploaded some amazing Disney's Magic Highway, U.S.A. images taken straight from publicity stills of the era. He cleaned them up, spending upwards of an hour and a half on each image. As a Disney artist for over 22 years, Kevin's Flickr account also contains great examples of his work on Disney collectibles. Kevin currently works as a freelance designer.


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Fresh baby boy!

NxtUp...Vinyl Toys


"Leaping from tall buildings at night and a law clerk downtown by day, WGirl likes to ride her moped around the city kicking ass while listening to her superpower charged playlist."


DC Multiverse Guide

The known earths are:

Earth-2: Home of the original Justice Society (first appearance 52 #52 - this earth’s Superman and Power Girl are missing)
Earth-3: The Crime Society’s world (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-4: Home of the Charlton characters (a.k.a. – the Watchmen-esque world) (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-5: Home of the Fawcett (Shazam) characters (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-8: World of Lord Havok and the Extremists – called Angor by its natives (Countdown #29)
Earth-9: Tangent Universe (upcoming in Tangent: Superman’s Reign #1)
Earth-10: Home of the Quality (Freedom Fighters, Uncle Sam, the original Ray, etc) characters (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-11: World of reversed genders ( Arena #1 and The Search For Ray
Palmer: Superwoman/ Batwoman #1)
Earth-12: The Next Generation, beyond Batman (i.e., Batman Beyond?) (Arena #1)
Earth-13: World of dark and arcane heroes ( Arena #1)
Earth-15: World of heroes realized (Donna Troy as Wonder Woman; Jason Todd as Batman) (Countdown #30 - the earth of this universe was destroyed in Countdown #24)
Earth-16: Home of the Super-Sons ( Arena #1)
Earth-17: A post WWIII, apocalyptic universe - Atomic Knights
Earth-18: World of the Elseworld’s Justice Riders ( Arena #1)
Earth-19: World of Elseworld’s Gotham by Gaslight (The Search For Ray
Palmer: Gotham By Gaslight #1)
Earth-21: World of Elseworld’s New Frontier ( Arena #1)
Earth-22: Elseworld’s Kingdom Come Universe (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-26: Universe of Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew (Captain Carrot
And The Final Ark #1)
Earth-30: World of Elseworld’s Superman: Red Son (Countdown #32)
Earth-32: World of Elseworld’s Batman: Darkest Knight (Arena #1)
Earth-34: World of Elseworld’s Amazonia ( Arena #1)
Earth-37: World of Elseworld’s Thrillkiller ( Arena #1)
Earth-40: World of Elseworld’s Liberty Files ( Arena #1)
Earth-43: World of Elseworld’s Batman: Red Rain (The Search For Ray Palmer:
Red Rain #1)
Earth-48: Forerunner’s world (Countdown #46)
Earth-50: Wildstorm Universe (first seen 52 #52)



The Moon

Pollution makes this wonderful orange color! "At full moon, the Moon is almost on the opposite site of the Earth to the Sun although not quite all lined up. That means that to get to the Moon, light from the Sun has to skim through our atmosphere. It has to go through a lot of atmosphere and, for the same reason that sunsets look reddy-orange, the light which gets to the Moon is slightly orange tinged; some of the blue part of the spectrum has been filtered out by Earth's atmosphere. [Edit 20/8/2005] The light has to come back, through a lot of atmosphere, to your eye. It is this last trip which will do the rest of the reddening. That way, the amount of reddening will depend on your local pollution levels."

Uk Site


Camo Fendi

I keep thinking camo will go away, but it keeps going.



"Quatchi, Miga and Sumi. These are the names of the three critters who will meet and greet athletes, visitors, and fans in Vancouver and Whistler for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Each of the creatures is distinct and special – both in personality and in appearance. One is big, gentle and shy . . . one is small, mischievous and outgoing and one is a natural-born leader with a passion for protecting the environment."



Wonder Woman

More Wonder Woman concepts.

View Here


2008 Liberty

My new Jeep will be completely redesigned from the ground up, with a new, boxier, masculine appearance, the all-new Selec-Trac II four-wheel-drive system, a new Sky-Slider full-open canvas roof, and a 210hp.

In couple of weeks and I will be jumping up and down for joy in place like a two year old I know.

Wednesday, November 28

And now a retro-music moment...

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Nice hat!

NxtUp...Orange Eye

For the Hot Guy

I wonder what is on his t-shirt?
Cuz' I sure know what was under it.
NxtUp...Retro Art

Love this!

I could not love the retro design of this any more than I do. See more at the jump.




I am not a Dilbert fan, but this cover is fun.



Salt & Pepper

These are cute.

This Next


Tangerine & Turq

Elle Magazine is onboard with the orange. Yeah! It is not going away folks.



Penelope Cruz

Am editorial layout from December 2007 Vogue Magazine.


PSP Phone

The Rumor: Sony Ericsson is making PSP phone. The phone has a screen that can rotate a whole 180 degrees. With this change in setup you can even use your regular menu keys as game controlling buttons. You can also use the phone as a smart mobile TV station.



Action Comics #859

"Part 2 of Superman and the Legion of Superheroes - The Earth, in the name of Superman, has taken a strict no-aliens stance and has rid the planet of all it can find. The Legion of Super-Heroes is a hunted bunch, those that are left, and are directionless. Cue Braniac-5, who reaches to the past for the one hero who can save them all, the Man of Steel, Superman…..But did I forget to mention that Earth’s sun has been changed from yellow to red?

Now a rag-tag collection of Legion members and a powerless Superman must somehow right this wrong, beginning with a search for the missing Braniac-5, who may hold the key to changing everything, while trying to evade a grown-up Absorbancy Boy (now called Earth-Man) and his Justice League."

Via Crave

Tuesday, November 27

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That is really nice looking on him. I went to high school with a jock that modeled for International Male. Yes, it as been around that long!


If my blog had sponsors...


Dark Roasted Blend posted this sketch of the monster that threatens Manhattan in upcoming J.J. Abrams film.



The video to "Down on My Knees" had a lot of play on Italian TV of October 2006 and I have been waiting for the domestic release.




A grey ombre, patent messenger bag for me. If I only had 1,000 US 'Amurcian' to spend on it.

RobO @


Wonder Woman

Reimagined by various artist. See more at the link.

Project Rooftop


Orange Hippo

`Felicia` the Hippo would make a cute gift.

Cooper Hewitt


Zippo Lighter

Laura Sweet from posted this bad-ass Zippo lighter at




Someone at posted this uber-cute toothbrush holder that is available at Target.



Unreal Tournament

This PS3 game releases on the 10 or 11th and it looks awesome!


Babel Blocks

Constantin and Laurene Boym of Boym Partners have designed a series of painted wood souvenirs that represent New York’s multi-ethnic population.



Orange Hoodie

Made by Kidrobot at Barney's.


Monday, November 26


Your Own Magazine Cover

Check the link below.


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Man, that is a nice suit.


Panasonic Color Phones

Dayum! I want one of these.



Hub Man

Hook this cool USB device to your PC/Mac for extra ports.

Buy Here


Alessi Chin Family Timer

"The Chin Family" designed by Stefano Giovannoni with Rumiko Takeda is the result of the collaboration between Alessi and the National Palace Museum of Taiwan which grew out of the museum’s wish to open itself yet further to the international scene, and to encourage greater awareness of Chinese history and culture in the West.



Puma Sweater

This Puma Knitted Cardigan "From the Puma Archive" Collection is nice to me.



Amber/Coral Wrist Mala

This wrist mala is made of Bodhi seeds with 2 coral and 1 amber spacer.




Grand National Theatre of China



If I were a girl...

This would be a nice travel tote for me. My galpal, Klinka, passed along her Travel & Leisure magazine and it had a blurb in it about these nice handmade bags.

Nahui Ollin