Monday, June 25


Off the Net

Back in two weeks. Visit some of my favorite links listed to the left.



My BFF, Zina, sent me these as an aloha gift. Nice.


USB Panic Button

People suffer lot of stress from working, studying or else...So, now you have a chance to relieve your stress. Press the big red button!


Title Sequences

"Forget the film, watch the great title sequences."

Via Neatorama


Graphic Tires

These are "tight". See other styles at the link.


What Next 2007+

How awesome is this Trend Chart? The original .pdf is on the link below or click image to enlarge.


Chartreuse Bag

"Refined and spacious, the Marina Computer Handbag features extra-thick padding, rubberized bottom and unique no-slip shoulder handles, you'll love the way this bag clings to your shoulder and protects your computer at all times. The Marina's main compartment accommodates the Apple 15-inch PowerBook or standard-sized PC laptops; a 12" or sub-notebook computer will tuck neatly into the plush-lined pocket inside. With ample room for files, cords and additional essentials, the interior features a zippered pocket with a key tether. An easy-access exterior zip pocket has a cell phone pocket and pen holders. You might just retire your favorite briefcase for this stylish handbag." Also in plum, rose & peacock blue.


Barney's Dubai

The clothing retailer Barneys New York, a temple to fashion that introduced Americans to Armani and $300 T-shirts, was sold yesterday to the investment arm of the Dubai government for $825 million

Saturday, June 23

NxtUp...Gay Pride

Parade Apparecchiatura

Geared up to walk the parade:
At top is my titantium iBook that is near death (oh, the worry) On my laptop, my cards. Beneath counterclockwise (cuz that's how I roll) my wallet from H&M in Paris, my orange G-Shock watch that replaced the orange one I bought in Rome. One Lance Armstrong yellow bracelet. My mini bag from a pal that went to Belgium, breath freshner, an orange "doll" case, my glasses,
a flashlight and extra batteries and my camo Razr cellphone. Can you say, 'Boyscout"!

I am out and proud everyday, but to support my domestic partner I walked the parade and handed out condom packs.

NxtUp...Gay Pride

Legacy Community Health Services

Shown are a few pix from the Legacy Crew.


Jonatan Lopez

Evolved metal? I'll say. When you are done checking out the sculptured sculpture...take a look at his metal work.


Chopped Salad

My galpal, Klinka, sent this recipe to me. It looks delicious.

Friday, June 22

NxtUp...Independent Film

Gay Bomb

Gay Bomb will take us into the future and the year 2012. George the Second has refused to step down as leader of the “free world,” and the nations of Europe have banded together to fight the new American military dictatorship. Desperate to fend off its attackers, the US launches the experimental “gay bomb,” designed to make the enemy forces drop their guns and turn fag.

Via Neratorama


NY Times

This is a fantastic photo to me. There is so much unsaid in a photo about two people on a subway in the UK.


Islamic Swimsuit

Ahiida® is an Australian owned company that designs and produces quality swim and sportswear. The garments are designed with the respect of Islamic values and aimed to enhance the lifestyle of the active Muslim female.


$265,000 a Ticket

The Astrium leisure spacecraft is outfitted with jet engines which will take its pilot and four passengers to 49,000 feet, where its rocket engine will kick in to take the craft up to 190,000 feet and then to zero gravity at 320,000 feet. It's set to launch in 2012, for the bargain basement price of $265,000 a seat.



The spaceplane was unveiled in Paris last week by its manufacturer, Astrium, part of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, as the latest challenger in the space tourism market. Like its archrival Virgin Galactic (where the French designer, Philippe Starck, is cast in Newson's role) Astrium plans to take people into space and straight back again. It expects to charge up to €200,000, or about $265,000, for a ticket when commercial flights start in 2012.

"Marc Newson worked with Sogerma, a French company owned by EADS, to develop a new seat. Their solution was what Newson described as "a very, very high-tech hammock" mounted at two points to pivot on an axis whenever the spaceplane changes angle. "You're letting gravity work for you, rather than against you," he explained. "Whatever the angle of the aircraft, the passengers face upwards and their position relative to the Earth remains the same, until they reach zero gravity and undo their seat belts."

Via Core77


Emo Crayolas

44 new colors....Dull Gray to Light Sux.

Via Digg

NxtUp...Eye Candy

Megan Fox

Dayum! This young thang is hot. Once Transformers the Movie is released she will be everywhere in the media.

I think I will invest in her career in the Hollywood Stock Exchange.



The movie can't open soon enough.See a few Transformers from way back and see a image of them now. See link below.

Via Stumbleupon


Victorian Sci-Fi

OMG! I love this. Paleo-future has a couple of desktop wallpapers besides these. Shown is my favorite. It would make an awesome bookcover.

Thursday, June 21


Who is Ebony Bones?

The female Brit invasion continues. Is she the next big thing?

NxtUp...Artificial Intelligence

"Electric Sheep"

Electric Sheep is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of people all over the world. It can be installed on any ordinary PC or Mac. When these computers "sleep", the screen saver comes on and the computers communicate with each other by the internet to share the work of creating morphing abstract animations known as "sheep". The result is a collective "android dream", an homage to Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.



Another reason to see Transformers the Movie...Josh Duhamel!

NxtUp...Eye Candy


In Australia! I think she likes that merlot color because I ran into her at Tafia Restaurant and she was wearing a cute merlot color dress. Wendy looks great! Always.


Inspired by Mahogany

One of my all time favorite movies is finally making it back around into vogue.


Amy Winehouse

My favorite song from this future Grammy winner.

Wednesday, June 20


Under My Umbrella

Takes on a whole new meaning.



An August release of of 'Here I Am" all the while working the 80s look.


Word Games

See for yourself below.


Explore Giza

Check out the site below.


Word It!

Gawd! I love books.
The assignment: Graphically interpret a single word.
The rule: Do it in a five-inch by five-inch square.
The results: A visual smorgasbord of inspiration.


Guilt into Reply

Finally, a legal U-turn...a hip collection of cards that feature a two-sided, double-use card, which encourages, and in some cases demands, a reply! It may be the only way I could get my little sister to write me back.



Head Injury Theater presents the Spiritual Alphabet and a few others.


Hot Pants!

Washington Redskin's David Cooley in some short shorts. Please let this be a trend. Please!

Via Towerload

Tuesday, June 19


Lights Out!

Lights Out London aims to prove that we can all make a difference to the future of our planet. On Thursday 21st June - Midsummer's Night - we are inviting the whole of London to turn off all lights and non-essential appliances between 9 and 10pm.


Jesus & the Dinosaur

I do not the origin of this. The image was posted on I wonder if the Creationist Museum has the poster in it lobby?


Bee Toothbrush Holder

Awh, this would be cute for travel.


Office Etiquette

This helpful article was in the NY Times this past Sunday. It applies to my office for sure.



This past Sunday this article was in the New York Times & I had planned to post it. It seems a lot of other people were struck by the photo shown. The web is literally a "Second Life" for this kid. It is great that he is able to escape on the web as another person when he is so imobile. There are other "flesh bags" and avatars in the slideshow fro the NY Times below.


The Deep

So very cool.



My Belgian BFF, his & beautiful baby went to Belgium to see his family. I am posting this pic because it was taken with me in mind. The tile of the pic is "Orange Men". I also got a "very practical" orange bag from Celio.

Monday, June 18

NxtUp...Mars Flag

New Glory

PopSci published Will Snyder's article on terraforming Mars, they opinioned that the Mars Society's colonial flag could use some sprucing up, so they asked readers to submit their own designs. The week the article appeared, 42 Martian-flag mockups turned up in our inbox. Some featured elaborate designs and detailed explanations, while others simply included a name.

See the Popular Science site for slideshow.


Adjektives +Modifiers®

"Wearable grammar in the future sense."

This pendant is a clear shaft containing geometric elements, such as steel or glass spheres, coils or smaller steel shafts. The band is made of clear nylon coated steel. The form is a metaphor for the upward burst of energy refered to as ‘kundalini’. The eastern term describing the attainment of perfect balance within, life and breath, connection between body and mind.

The marketing alone has sold me on this.


The Center of the Web

"The Internet may be referred to as the "information superhighway," but a better analogy might be an enormous, hulking Tootsie Roll pop. Check out this colorful new Internet map (click the image to enlarge) from physicists at Tel-Aviv University in Israel and you’ll see what we mean. It’s a mathematical representation of the pipes, routers and other bits of hardware that ferry data across the Web. At the map’s red gooey center is a cluster of 100 networks operated by massive corporations like ATT Worldnet and Google. Its purple crunchy outer shell consists mostly of small ISPs. The trouble with being on the periphery is that your data must travel through the congested center, which is sort of like flying through O’Hare on your way from New York to Los Angeles. Basically, it’s really inefficient. The researchers don’t offer much in the way of solutions but say their model will help scientists better track the evolution of the Web, which in turn will help people innovate ways to make it less like a lollipop and more like, well, a superhighway."

Via Wired & Popular Science.


Ana & Keira

My BFF, Maura, has a pair of beautiful baby girls and they are 9 months now. I used to work with Maura, but for years she has had an awesome job at NASA in the Information Resources Directorate. How super-cool does that sound?!