Sunday, September 30


How can this be so right?

What color is your personality?




Fall is here and it is party time. Start making those invites now. It is offically 'Robtober'.

Official Fonts of Robtober


The DC Multiverse

It was destroyed and now it is back (If you don't read comics it's meaningless and that is ok). This was scanned from the current Wizard.


NxtUp...Star Wars

Character Wheel

I got this at Toy'R'Us today with my $15 Clone Wars DVD purchase. Booyah!


Resale Outlet Party

A Board Member of Legacy Community Health, Tim M., had a party at the Outlet and as a gift a donation was accepted. Shown are a few pics from the event. The first pic is some saucy minx named Brandon. Being quite the flirt he helped make the party a success.
When I met the seemingly straight fella, he mistakingly called me "Roman", henceforth I have named him "Brit".

"The resale outlet continues to seek donations of items to be displayed and sold at the store location at 1232 Westheimer on Houston's renowned resale shopping district. All sales at the resale outlet directly benefit the mission of the agency to provide quality healthcare services to underserved Houstonians.

A Lasting Legacy Resale Outlet accepts artwork, furniture, lamps, glassware, china, vases, bar ware, tchotchkes, empty vases, gently worn clothing, good shoes, purses, clean rugs, lamp shades, jewelry, scarves, books and more."

A Lasting Legacy Resale Outlet

Saturday, September 29


Eye of Judgment

How crazy is this? It so sci-fi. A camera projects your hand onto the screen with a card and it becomes 3-D. See the link below.



Star Wars

Check out this guy's collection. I love the site.



Nuno Plati

An illustrator that is quickly becoming one of my favorites because of his graphic take on illustrating figures.


Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons

What more do you need in a graphic novel?



Fantastic Illustration

A Richard Erdoes magazine illustration from 1957 that was posted on Learningtoshare-dot-blogspot-dot-com

Friday, September 28


Robot Love

This robot stands in front of The Robot Museum in Nagoya, Japan. Dayum it is cute.

Via Engadget


Robot Love

The Robot Museum in Nagoya, Japan dedicated to robots and robotics.

Via Engadget


Size Chart

Projectrho-dot-com is an unbelievable site. "It is the homepage of Winchell D. Chung jr. Master of 3-D starmaps, illustrator of Ogres, and aficionado of slide rules, astrolabes, nomograms, sundials, and other obsolete instruments." I never said I wasn't a big freakin' geek.

Winchell Chung Jr.

NxtUp...Short Films

Natalie in Hotel Chevalier

Wes Anderson offers Hotel Chevalier free on iTunes. A short epilogue of one heartbreaking history of love and the prologue of the travel told in The Darjeeling Limited.



Top 50 Dystopian Movies of All Time

Man, I love this genre of film.




Swissmiss-dot-typepad-dot-com posted this cool "Wallet" from Etsy.


End Papers

Old textbooks, Golden books and kid's books in general all had end papers that could set the mind soaring with the knowledge and adventures that awaited you between the covers. If you have some favorites, put 'em here..!




Thisnext-dot-com posted this great spaceman toy from KidRobot. It would be a nice addition to my desk 'geekosphere'.

Buy Here


Yondu from the Guardians of the Galaxy

Nuno Plati drew this and I found it on Project Rooftop. This chararacter is so cool to me. "Yondu was created back in 1969, but I best remember him from the early nineties Guardians of the Galaxy series by Jim Valentino. If you’re familiar with Star Trek, I’d classify Yondu as one part Vulcan and one part Klingon."

Project Rooftop

Thursday, September 27

NxtUp...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

Mario Lopez needs no stinkin' show to get press...all he has to do is run around shirtless. If I looked like that I would give all my shirts away.

NxtUp...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

So, tell me about yourself, your dreams, your ambitions, your phone number.


The Rosary

The blog biggestpartofmylifeisme-blogspot-com posted this image on the rosary. The link will lead you to a walk-thru of its meaning. and use. Raised Catholic I appreciate it.



Woverine & the X-Men

Forevergeek-dot-com reported on this new 'toon. I hope it is picked for for the U.S. and not just the BBC.



Sinestro Wars

It looks like the war will hit the Earth. It looks wicked awesome. Read more about the great story arc below.



Another Krptonian?

"Kurt Busiek: The idea of another Kryptonian, hidden away on Earth and unsuspected, was something I conceived very early on."

Superman...the last of his kind. Riiight.



Skull Tea Set

Just in time for Halloween.



WowWee's RC Bee

Star of the upcoming Bee Movie animated release. 6x AA batteries provide enough juice to propel the $50 critter "close to 18 miles an hour." Unfortunately, it will likely possess a range of just 30-feet like its Dragonfly cuz when it lands in October.




Teach your kids product branding at an early age.


On-line PC Game

Swypeout Battle Racing is an online, multiplayer world where kids from around the globe can compete against one another in a series of challenging races.

Swypeout features a series of collectible cards that are swiped through a USB scanner and are converted into online components such as cars, attacks, defenses, and other special items.

Players can customize their cars in their own garage with a variety of cool add-ons and enter their creation into battle races on fantasy tracks themed around dynamic environments like an ultra-modern city, frozen tundra, scorching desert, and a live volcano.


Wednesday, September 26


Geek Show

Totally Rad!



Space Vehicles posted this in relation to an article about Space & Pop culture this week in the New York Times.

Via Wired


Periodic Spiral

I have no practical use for this table, but it is cool looking. I did look up the element 'krypton'.


Plastic Models

Check out all the 'far out' plastic models at the link.


Oh, so lovely...

Trend for Spring 2008



Book of Sci-Fi Baby Names

I know so many couples having babies lately. I will have to suggest this book to them.



This is cute...

My co-worker's granddaughter drew his for me on a post-it note.

Palais Royal


The Pearl

Covering 985 acres and fronted by over 12 miles of pristine beaches, The Pearl-Qatar will not be sold to a single person. Instead, the man-made island retreat is being made as an exclusive home for 40,000 international residents and a splendid holiday destination for 800 guests enjoying three marinas, three 5 star hotels, and almost 500,000 square feet of retail, dining and entertainment space. The man-made island is under construction off the coast of Doha, Qatar



Google Vending Machines

Japan has everything. We will see these in the U.S. in 4 years.


Viva Las Vegas

My galpals went to Vegas and I got this cool over-sized postcard in the mail. They 'slummed' it at the Wynn Hotel on their time there.

Wynn Hotel

Tuesday, September 25


Bottle Rockets

This is a real cute idea.

Via GeekDad & Wired


Retro Space Tee

Super Retro Space Kids Tee! It is so cool for girls or boys, I just love this design, sweet and hip all at once. Antique Black

Buy it Here


Clive Barker's Jericho

Ther will be a demo on PlayStationNetwork this week. "The game looks to be incredibly violent, so if you've got children that like the bask in the warm glowing warming glow of the PS3, you may want to scurry them off to bed before mutilating some creepy critters. We're not sure what the demo actually entails, but we're willing to bet you get to try your hand at all the characters in the first level: the city of Al-Khali."

PS3 Fanboy


Canned Bread Beverage

Buy the salad in a can and bread in a can and you have a tasty meal. Yum.

Core 77


Hypochondriacs Delight

The Manual of Things That Might Kill You is dedicated entirely to the hypochondriac’s unique perspective on health. The world’s worst maladies, conveniently organized by symptom will ignite even the mildest hypochondriac’s fantasy life.


The Utilities Appetizer Plates

These are fun Monopoly plates.