Monday, November 30

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

"I want your psycho, your vertigo stick."

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Boy

In the hoodie.

So cute it's sick.

On the next "Ugly Betty"...

Mark and Amanda conspire.

Aka Kiki and RobO


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What Next...Art

Push Pin Portraits

This guy was featured on a news show this past weekend.
Daigh scans in the image, creates pixel art and and uses the RGB image
as a guide.


"Magic Love" - Bent

What Next...Obsessorizing

Adler Pill Keychain

I need this to carry my 'dolls' in.


What Next..InterWebz

Online Shopping

Good luck trying to get work done today.


Sunday, November 29

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

Set phasers to stunning.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Inked Guy

As one of my work wives says "lick it"!

What Next...Desktop

Fireplace Screensaver

For Mac or PC.


Sunday Noon Retro Toon

What Next...Obsessorizing

Denim Tote

I really like this bag available from Japan. I am sure the postage would be as much as the bag itself.


Saturday, November 28

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Cute Guy

In a black sunga.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy


What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

I love the beard.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Young Guy

On the street.

What Next...Toys

Lego Bricks Taj Mahal

So very cool, but $269.


What Next...Illustrations

Retro Art

Now a desktop wallpaper.

"Another Chance"

What Next...Obsessorizing

Mighty Wallet

Made from Tyvek® (think express mail envelopes), the Mighty Wallet™ resists tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns giving the wallet incredible strength.


What Next...Really?!

Party Crashers Met Obama

President Obama has ordered an investigation into how Michaele and Tareq Salahi crashed the White House state dinner Tuesday night despite not being on the guest list.

The Salahis did meet Obama on the receiving line. The Salahis may also have had help from inside: Gawker believes the Salahis received assistance getting in from Indian ambassador Arun K. Singh, with whom they play polo.

The Salahis are scheduled to appear on Larry King Live on Monday night.

They are not in jail? Really?!


Friday, November 27

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy


What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Really Hot Guy

Whew! It is hot in here.

Welcome to 'Cougar Town'!

What Next...iTunes

Black Friday App Sale

All of these games are either on sale currently or either have prices that are currently being modified or will be changed shortly:

Big Fish Games, Inc
Atlantis Sky Patrol $0.99
Civil War: Hidden Mysteries $0.99

Crazy Choppers $0.99
Pirate Waters $0.99

Jules Verne's Secrets Of The Mysterious Island $0.99
Super Shock Football FREE

Cobra Mobile
Dam Buster $0.99
Dots $0.99
Fore by Cobra Mobile $0.99
iBomber $0.99
Low Grav Racer $0.99
Mouse About $0.99
Numba $0.99
Zombie Chav Hunt $0.99

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2009 $0.99
Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor> $0.99
Crazy Hotdogs> $0.99
Homerun Battle 3D> $0.99
Sniper Vs Sniper: Online> $0.99
Trapped: Undead Infection> $0.99
World of Tunes $0.99

Auditorium $1.99
Command and Conquer: Red Alert $6.99
Madden NFL 10 by EA Sports $6.99
Monopoly $2.99
Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition $2.99
Mystery Mania $0.99
Need For Speed: Undercover $2.99
Pandemonium $1.99
Scrabble $2.99
SimCity $2.99
Star Trek $0.99
Tetris $2.99
The Sims 3 $4.99
Tiger Woods PGA Tour by EA Sports $2.99
Trivial Pursuit $2.99
Wolfenstein RPG $1.99
Zombies & Me $0.99

Blades of Fury $0.99
Brothers in Arms Hour of Heroes $0.99
Castle Of Magic $0.99
Gangstar: West Coast Hustle $4.99
Hero of Sparta $0.99
Real Tennis 2009 $0.99
Shrek Kart $0.99
Terminator Salvation : The Official Game $0.99

Cliffed $0.99
Spy Bot Chronicles $1.99
Star Hogs $2.99
Toy Bot Diaries $0.99
Toy Bot Diaries 2 $0.99
Toy Bot Diaries 3 $0.99
Toy Bot Diaries Compilation $1.99
Toy Bot Mini Missions $0.99
Zombie Attack! $0.99
Zombie Attack! Second Wave $1.99

DanceDanceRevolution S (US) $0.99
DanceDanceRevolution S+ (US) $0.99
Field Prowlers Police Rush! (US) $0.99
Frogger $0.99
Krazy Kart Racing (US) $0.99
Metal Gear Solid Touch (US) $0.99
Power Pros Touch $0.99
Silent Hill The Escape (US) $0.99
Silent Scope (US) $0.99

C64 $2.99
Flashback $1.99

Alpine Racer $0.99
Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima $2.99
BurgerTime Deluxe $0.99
Dig Dug REMIX $0.99
Galaga REMIX $0.99
Garters & Ghouls $2.99
I Love Katamari $2.99
Inspector Gadget $2.99
Mr. Driller $0.99
Ms. Pac-Man $2.99
Pac-Man $2.99
Pac-Man REMIX $0.99
Pole Position: Remix $0.99
Star Trigon $0.99
Tamagotchi: 'Round the World $2.99
Time Crisis Strike $2.99

AirBear $0.99
MonsterKill $0.99

Pangea Software
Billy Frontier $0.99
Bugdom 2 $0.99
Cro-Mag Rally $0.99
Enigmo $0.99
Enigmo 2 $0.99
Nanosaur 2 $0.99
Otto Matic $0.99

Various Publishers and Developers
2079 $0.99
Alchemize $1.99
Apache Storm – The Killing Spree $0.99
Aqua Globs $0.99
Aqua Moto Racing $0.99
ArchRobo, Robotic Annihilation $0.99
Asteroids vs Planet FREE
Backstreet Cat FREE
Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered $0.99
Block Knights FREE
Blockee $0.99
BMX Cunning Stunts 3D $0.99
Caster $0.99
Cheese Collect $0.99
Chopper $0.99
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant $0.99
Creepytown FREE
DaVinci's Secret Machines $0.99
Dexter the Game $3.99
Doom Resurrection $2.99
DoubleDrop FREE
Dragon Portals $0.99
Enjoy Sudoku $0.99
Face It! FREE
Finger Sling $0.99
Flickitty FREE
Flock it! $0.99
GL Golf $0.99
Harry Potter: Spells $2.99
Hi, How Are You $0.99
Hive $0.99
Hybrid: Eternal Whisper $2.99
iTotem Idol $0.99
Judgment Day War $0.99
Jumboo $0.99
KidZillion Games Pack $0.99
LabyMania $0.99
Liberty Boom $0.99
Lines of Mania $0.99
Lucha Libre Matchups FREE
Occuro! – The Game of Stellar Combat $0.99
Pazzi $0.99
Pentanimals $0.99
Pheasant Plucker's Christmas $0.99
Rogue Touch $0.99
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition $3.99
Sheepstacker $0.99
Slotz Racer $0.99
Synth Racing $0.99
Touch Pets Dogs 10 food FREE
Tower Madness $0.99
Trak4 FREE
Turn Episode 1: The Lost Artefact $1.99
Volley $0.99
War 3100 $0.99
Zentomino $0.99
ZoMbiE ciTy! $0.99

Source & Link to All Games

What Next...Illustrations

Space Aliens on Holiday



What Next...Really?!

Fame Seeking Couple Crash State Dinner

"An uninvited couple crashed President Obama’s first White House state dinner Tuesday night breaking through layers of security. The couple, according to the Secret Service, are Tareq and Michaele Salahi, they are also reportedly being considered for Bravo’s TV show “Real Housewives of D.C.”

This kind of behavior sets a precedent for others to do the same? Normally, I would not condone a public stoning...


Thursday, November 26

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Smokin' Hot Dude

Wait! So smoking isn't sexy?

What if...

A Rock classic performed by the Muppets.

Happy Pre-Black Friday U.S.A.

What Next...InterWebz

Website of the Day

My Parents Were Awesome - How parents looked prior to kids.


Contributed by Dina

Wednesday, November 25

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the 'Cowboys & Indians'

On Thanksgiving.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the 'Native American'

Happy Thanksgiving!

Something from Conan.

Set the TiVo - December 5 on Lifetime

What Next...iPhone

Black Friday App

Compare prices on your iPhone or iTouch.


What Next...Music


Enuf' sad. Releases February 8, 2010, just in time for Valentine's Day.


What Next...Obama Watch

My First Lady

Michelle is serving up some GLAM. Politics aside, she looks amazing. When
is the last time you have seen that sort of representation in
the White House?

"First Lady Gursharan Kaur of India, First Lady Michelle Obama, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India, and President Obama arrived for the state dinner."


What Next...Audio Books

Sedaris on Vinyl

David Sedaris' "31-minute album, which will be released on Jan. 5 and cost $24.98, will include only two of the five essays on the CD version of the audiobook, but will feature a code enabling purchasers to digitally download the entire program."


Tuesday, November 24

"For Your Entertainment" - Adam Glambert

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Very Hot Guy

Gasp and clutch my pearls! What a man.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

On the beach.

What Next...Entertainment

Arias With a Twist Moves to L.A.

I have seen this amazing show in NYC. "Arias is the lone visible human devouring a visual feast of otherworldly aliens, devils on strings and voracious (and sexually suggestive) vegetation in what ends up being one heck of a trip."

"Arias With a Twist" runs through Dec. 13. For tickets, go to


Just sayin'...

What Next...Google

Google's Trails, Parks & Theme Parks

Oh mighty Google is creating street views for trails, parks and theme parks in the quest to create sentience in the Google A.I.


What Next...Obama Watch

Commander & Geek

A quote from a fellow geek on the imminent robot rebellion.


What Next...Design

Adler Furniture

I am loving the idea of this 'Claude' Modular System.


What Next...Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for the internet.
What Next...Comcis

Slacker Superheroes

"Anywhere is a six issue mini-series which follows the misadventures of two unlikely heroes, Wormhole and Dust, as they schlep across the globe as a not-so-dynamic pair of slacker-superheroes.

Newsarama contacted Akel to talk about the merits of underachieving, alternative methods of saving the world involving hours of playing videogames and the fact that the would-be-heroes of Anywhere can think of a million ways they’d rather spend their time than saving the world from despair and destruction."


What Next...Music

Lady Gaga

Fame Monster is available today!


What Next...Retail


Spin & Win!


Monday, November 23

What Next...Entertainers


I have no idea who these people are, but 'Twilight' hair in all black is hot.


What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

Bam! Hot.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the American Soccer Player

Kyle Beckerman!


What Next...Sports

"New Moon" on NBC

Huffington Post -"With just over a minute remaining in the Bears' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles tonight, Jay Cutler threw an incomplete pass to Chicago wide receiver Devin Hester. As Hester was tackled, his pants came down his legs, exposing his rear end to a nationally televised audience on NBC. Unfortunately for the Bears, Hester's vivid display was not enough to drive his team to victory. Cutler threw an interception three plays later, effectively ending the game."