Thursday, December 29



Claude Luiz

Animal print suit outta control!


Freckled Ginger Cutie

Smoke It & Poke It

So cute it's sick.

"Jolly good to me you ole' chap."

iPad/iPhone Game Controller



At the moment, that list of supported iOS apps is pretty small (just Bugdom 2 and Aftermath), making the controller perfect for someone who either loves those games or is banking on more support in the future.


366 Days of 2012

Japanese Sci-Fi Art

Vintage Comic Book Cover

David Puentez Soundcloud Mix


Burberry Toggle Coat

Originally $2700 now only $1200.

This evening I will check between the sofa cushions for some change.


My Current Mantra


No more holiday cookies. No more holiday cookies. No more holiday cookies.

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Harassing the Emotionally Frail

DC Universe Crisis on Two Earths Designs

Wednesday, December 28

An Early Madonna Comparison

Despite the production of the video, CSS, has the 'it factor'.
CSS reminds me of early Madonna aka the Borderline Period.

Thanks, Puck!

Sh#t Black Gay Guys Say

Contributed by b.white (NSFW)

Is this racist?

So cute it's sick.

The Planets

Retro DC Universe Calendar Art

Chiang's Marvel Universe Avengers

Illustration from Dan Bar-Giora c1965


VHS Man Print

HIV Treatment + Greed = Profit

Useless Skyrim Info

 Skyrim Same-Sex Spouse Home Ownership

  1. Owning a house comes with several benefits. You must be approved by the local Jarl of each major city, then a home can be purchased and decorated by the Steward.
  2. Each house includes non-respawning containers where items can be safely stored.
  3. Sleeping in a bed you own gives a temporary boost to your Health and Magicka.
  4. If married, your spouse will wait for you in your house.
  5. There is no limit to the amount of houses you can own.

Full Post + Same-Sex Info

Have your heard about glory of Skyrim?

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