Thursday, May 31

Ultimate Fighter/Gay Pornstar

Daron Cruickshank

And men who have sex with men are pansies? "Fans of gay porn tuned in to watch Ultimate Fighter 15 last March 2012 since one of the fighters admitted his gay porn past. However, Dakota Cochrane (aka Danny of Sean Cody) lost his first match so he was not part of any team. But, another fighter that had a gay porn past got in. Daron Cruickshank won his first fight and was on Team Faber."

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So cute it's sick.

"The only thing that matters is that it comes from your heart."

Earth's Richests Countries


Buying a Government


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BOOM! Comics

Michael Midas Champion

"Michael Midas was just a regular kid, with a crush on Dani, the prettiest girl on the playground, and getting picked on by Truck, the school bully. But as he got older, things changed for Michael — he grew up and, by laying off the nachos and working out, he got strong…REALLY strong. Too bad Truck did too. Now when Truck snaps and Dani’s in danger, will Michael Midas be able to step up and become the hero he always dreamed he could be…can he be CHAMPION? Wrapping a classic fairy tale in comic book clothing, MICHAEL MIDAS CHAMPION is a story of action, suspense, and romance. Get in on the ground floor of this exciting new 6-issue miniseries from Jordan B. Gorfinkel (BATMAN, BIRDS OF PREY) and Scott Benefiel (THE INCREDIBLE HULK)!'

Available in August

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Social Media Superhero Infographic

Marvel Comics Movies: Iron Man 3

Random Facebook Banner Art



This looks like an interesting book from Drumfish Productions.

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Wednesday, May 30

I'm with Mitt and...

'Dont Spelz Gud'

A new iPhone app promoting the GOP hopeful allows supporters to take a photo of themselves with their phones and superimpose a “Mitt-inspired artistic frame“ or personalized message that lets them share with the social media world that ”I’m with Mitt.” Slogans for the “With Mitt” app include “I’m with Mitt,“ ”We’re with Mitt,“ ”Mom’s for Mitt,“ ”Obama isn’t working,” and — the one that is getting the most attention — “A better Amercia.

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That sh#t is sick!

Queer Dad Advert for JCP



Comic Book Cartography

Queer Green Lantern's Weakness... "Wood"

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Madonna's Obsession

20 Free Fonts