Monday, June 30

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For the Footy Ball Guy

Sergio Ramos!

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I'm RobO and I am a Scorpio...

"Very energetic. Intelligent. Can be jealous and/or possessive. Hardworking. Great kisser. Can become obsessive or secretive. Holds grudges. Attractive. Determined. Loves being in long Relationships. Talkative. Romantic. Can be very centered at times. Passionate and Emotional".

Micael R. sent this to me and I wonder how it can be so accurate. It is odd how these
descriptions can be so accurate.

Wiki Scorpios


The Northwest Passage

Opening the summer "when the Pole shrinks away, it creates a wide path through the so-called Northwest Passage, a treacherous and icy route between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. With more melting, ships will be able to get from one continent to the next without having to do crazy navigational feats around giant ice sheets. Shipping becomes cheaper and more convenient. And when it becomes a major shipping lane, nations who control the area are sure to get richer.

It's a region that is likely to become contested by Canada and Denmark, who both lay claim to parts of the formerly-useless area. (Some of you may recall the Hans Island territorial struggle between the two nations, which at one point bizarrely became a skirmish over Google adwords.) Also, as the planet heats up, northern regions like Nunavut in Canada may become valuable real estate. So as environmentalists and systems biologists wring their hands over the biosphere beatings, the locals are going to be counting this bit of climate change a financial windfall".



10 Odd Animal Pack Names

1-Rafter of turkeys
2-Shrewdness of apes
3-Pitying of turtledoves
4-Crash of rhinos
5-Sounder of boars
6-Smack of jellyfish
7-Parliament of owls
8-Tower of giraffes
9-Rumba of rattlesnakes
10-Bloat of hippos

Via Mental Floss

Little Jackie's "The World Should Revolve Around Me". Familiar?


Hybrid Parking

My Belgian BFF, his wife & kids went to Ikea and were able to park in the special hybrid area.


Sami Hayek Desk

I've been aware of Selma Hayek's brother, Sami, for years. I knew he was a designer, but
surprised to see his line at Target yesterday.

Details Here


Wall Clock

From the Sami Hayek line at Target.


Sunday, June 29

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For the College Wrestler

Tommy Rowlands!

In Action

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For the Hot Accessories

Lovin' the accessories.

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For the Soap Star

Cheesy soap + hot guys = Instant Camp Classic


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For the NY Met

David Wright!

Batting Tips

"When You Touch Me" from the Freemasons goes 'Fosse'.

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For the Tennis Guy

Marat Safin!




The "Unmixed" CD must have been released when my radar was down.


Entertainment from the past.

Saturday, June 28

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For the Pretty, Pretty Guy



Happy Pride


Of Gay & Lesbian History

Jump to Wiki at the link.

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I kissed a girl.


And Gay Voters

"Wrapping up her DNC speech last night, Michelle Obama reminded gay voters of her husband Barack’s driving philosophy - people can change the world, we can shape it, make it and mold it as it should be: inclusive.

The Associated Press included a brief excerpt of Obama’s speech, but, as Steve Ralls points out, the newsies failed to delve deep into the potential first wive’s words. Thus, we’re including a bit of what our recorder picked up, which we find quite inspiring:

We face the choice between the world as it is and the world as it should be. We have to ask ourselves in this election, ‘are we willing to settle for the world as it is, or are we willing to work for the world as it should be.’… We have one candidate who believes the world is moving in the right direction, despite the inequalities created over 8 years. And then there’s Barack Obama, the other guy.

Barack believes that we must fight for the world as it should be, a world where together we work to reverse discriminatory laws like DOMA and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, a world where LGBT Americans get a fair shake at working hard to get ahead without workplace discrimination, a world where our federal government fully protects all of us, including LGBT Americans, from hate crimes and a world where our federal laws don’t discriminate against same-sex relationships, including equal treatment for any relationship recognized under state law, a world that recognizes that equality in relationships, family and adoption rights is not some abstract principal. It’s about whether millions of LGBT Americans can finally live lives marked by dignity and freedom.

Barack has made crystal clear his commitment to ensuring full equality for LGBT couples, that’s why he supports robust civil unions, that’s why he has said that the federal government should not stand in the way of the states that want to decide for themselves how best to pursue equality for gay and lesbian couples, whether that means domestic partnerships, civil unions or civil marriage".

Friday, June 27

NxtUp...Gay Pride

In Houston

A 'queer' bunch of oranges.

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For the Hot Actor

Marcus Patrick!

At YouTube

NxtUp...Gay Leaders

William Rufus deVane King, 13th U.S. V.P.

He was elected Vice President of the United States on the Democratic ticket with Franklin Pierce in 1852 and took the oath of office March 24, 1853 in Cuba, where he had gone because of his health. This unusual inauguration took place because it was believed that King, who was terminally ill with tuberculosis, would not live much longer. The privilege of taking the oath on foreign soil was extended by a special act of Congress for his long and distinguished service for the government of the United States. Even though he took the oath twenty days after inauguration day he was still Vice President during those three weeks, but did not hold the power of the office.

For fifteen years in Washington, D.C., prior to his presidency, James Buchanan.

Wiki King

NxtUp...Gay Leaders

James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States

For fifteen years in Washington, D.C., prior to his presidency, James Buchanan lived with his close friend King. Buchanan and King's close relationship prompted Andrew Jackson to refer to King as "Miss Nancy" and "Aunt Fancy," while Aaron V. Brown spoke of the two as "Buchanan and his wife." Further, some of the contemporary press also speculated about Buchanan and King's relationship. Buchanan wrote of his "communion" with his housemate. Buchanan wrote in 1844, after King left for France, "I am now 'solitary and alone,' having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them. I feel that it is not good for man to be alone; and should not be astonished to find myself married to some old maid who can nurse me when I am sick, provide good dinners for me when I am well, and not expect from me any very ardent or romantic affection." Though the circumstances surrounding Buchanan and King have led authors such as Paul Boller to speculate that he was "America's first homosexual president."



Keyshia Cole

"I Remember"


NxtUp...Happy Pride


Funny stuff!


Centre for Knowledge and Culture

Construction has begun in Saudi Arabia on the King Abdulaziz Centre for Knowledge and Culture by Norwegian architects SnΓΈhetta.


NxtUp...Alternate Lifestyles

Houston Gay Pride Weekend

Calling all queers! Have a great weekend. Play safe and be out loud.


Saturn's Children by Charles Stross

"Sometime in the twenty-third century, humanity went extinct—leaving only androids behind. Freya Nakamichi 47 is a femmebot, one of the last of her kind still functioning. With no humans left to pay for the pleasures she provides, she agrees to transport a mysterious package from Mercury to Mars. Unfortunately for Freya, she has just made herself a moving target for some very powerful, very determined humanoids who will stop at nothing to possess the contents of the package".


USB Street Mouse

I purchased one of these at Border's Books yesterday. I use it for my personal laptop.
Love it!


Thursday, June 26


Gavin DeGraw



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For the Orange Guy

In Ferragamo


The fascinating phallus?

Is this a pop-up book?


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For the Hot Accessories

Lovin' the accessories. Where can I get a suit that holds my celly?

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For the Hot Celeb

Surely, you have already seen this by now, but here he is again recreating the Brad Pitt's scene from 'Thelma & Louise".

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For the Vacation Guy

While in Barcelona facing the Mediterranean Sea.



Maxwell was on The BET Awards and I am hoping it is prior to a CD release since he performed. I researched and found this info on a delayed "Black Summer's Night".

"The long-awaited return of the mysterious Maxwell is supposed to come in the form of the Black Summer's Night album, which is due out Feb. 13, 2007 (the day before Valentine's Day). Recent news: Maxwell's official website announced that the new album is the first part of a trilogy, and that the two subsequent discs will be coming in 2008 and 2009. We'll see. No album or single has been released".


Music courtesy of


Scout Bag

These are nice bags. Removable compartments and made in olive or grey.



Text2Mindmap is an online application that converts texts to a mind map



Each toy features interlocking tabs for construction - eliminating the need for tape, glue or other messy adhesives. To download click on the model you would like then save the template image.

Each toy is designed to be printed on a standard piece of 8 1/2 X 11 A4 letter paper.

Many to choose from at the link.

Cameron Recommends


Oasis of the Sea

"Royal Caribbean's new boat is big. Really big. The "Project Genesis" cruise liner, currently being constructed, will be 43% larger than the Queen Mary II, currently the world's largest ship. 1,180 feet long and weighing 220,000 tons".

Via Gizmodo


Movie Downloads

Sony PlayStation executive Kaz Hirai has announced a movie download service is coming to the PS3 this summer for the US.

UPDATE: Despite Sony's evident glee over the upcoming PlayStation Network downloadable movie service, the company has yet to sign any deals with external movie production firms, reports Variety.

NxtUp...10th Anniversary

Last June Hawaii

11 years this June maybe a 'staycation' poolside.

Wednesday, June 25

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For the Football Player

Mike Vrabel! That is a big chunk of man.

Vrabel PSA


2008 BET Awards

Highlights for me included:

*Keyshia Cole performing with Lil' Kim

*Anthony Hamilton and Maxwell sing Al Green songs

*Ne-Yo in an "off the chain" number

*Marvin Sapp sings a moving gospel song

*Nelly shirtless to "you keep the shirt, I'll wear the tats"