Thursday, July 31

The enigma wrapped in a riddle - Lady Gaga

Video short by Todd Ahlberg

Based on looks...I love this man! Love him!

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For the Young Actor

Chris Pine aka Captain Kirk!

NxtUp...Print Ads

Girl Groups

Lovin' this print advert!

Via Teen Vogue


Black Panther

"When the Skrulls come to town, it's all-out war in Wakanda. The alien invaders have war ships, advanced technology, super-powered soldiers and an army that outnumbers the Wakandans ten to one."

I read this last night and it rocked. Storm is dressed in a cat battle suit in a few scenes. Awesome!

Vid at Pop Culture Shock


Clickwheel Comic Reader App

It looks like you can purchase & download from a small
library of comics and read it on your
iPhone with this free app form iTunes.

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HIV Achilles Heal

"HIV researchers at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston (UT Medical) believe they have uncovered the Achilles heel in the armor of the HIV virus. The weak spot is hidden in the HIV envelope protein gp120, essential for HIV's attachment to host cells." It looks as if trials will offer results within 5 years. My partner works in the HIV/STD health field and he says this is huge news. There have been many other treatments, but this is very promising.



Chester in the Philippines

I am barely able to manage one blog and this guy manages 5!



Mihajlo Dimitrovski

Very cool Watchmen art.



Vonzipper Sunglasses

Having lived through the 80s, I normally hate the retro graphics. However, these are
'radical' dude.


Bronze Wallet

Distressed leather bifold features customized logo embossing at front by Quiksilver.


Kids Plates

So cute.


Wednesday, July 30

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For the Celeb

Lenny Kravitz!

Via People


Ugh! (Posted a over year ago)

Under construction in Mecca, the Abraj Al Bait Towers. What was the inspiration for that monstrosity? Batman's Gotham city? What is with that clock? Will it be the biggest clock in the world? Click on image to enlarge.

UPDATE: I take back the comment. The tower is very cool.
It looks as if it is a set from a movie.
The first pic shows a plan of development already in action that expects the construction, actual in the neighborhoods of the "Ka'drink" (sp.)

Thanks, Anonymous Commentor


Skrull War Update

Beware of spoilers.



The Mighty Crusaders

Archie Comics' superheroes, the Mighty Crusaders, bound for the DC Universe - versions of the characters will retain their classic looks and will be fully integrated into the DC universe via team-ups with Batman in the pages of The Brave and the Bold.


In Fashion

This orange Gucci dress all over the place.



And Fashion

Lucy Liu is featured in a "Fashion Olympics" editorial in Harpers.
These 3 panels are just a few.


Dizzy Bee App

At iTunes buy this cute game for the price of a Starbucks coffee.

igloo games

Tuesday, July 29


Paul Hamm

Is OUT. Really, he is out.

Oh, of the Olympics. Ok...I get it.





"From the director of "Big Love" and "Rome," traces two generations of friends and neighbors as they forge intimate connections and explore new freedoms during the culturally transformative decade of the 1970s. It portrays the ever-shifting “swing” of the pendulum that reflected the change in America's collective value system -- morally, politically and socially".

If you have not been watching this show, you should catch up. I would rather see the sexual content on Swingtown than any of those crime shows with the rape and murder it contains every evening.

Swingtown now airs on Fridays.

Watch Here


BBC Promo

"This two minute animation made by the team behind Gorillaz is part of BBC Sport's marketing campaign for its Olympics coverage. It twists the story of Journey to the West, the popular classical Chinese novel and turns it into a "Journey to the East" and the Beijing Olympics".

View via izreloaded


Mihajlo Dimitrovski

Cool superhero art.



Shower Spas Facilities

"Emirates airline has just announced Shower Spas facilities for their first-class passengers in their new superjumbo A380 Airbus. The plane carries enough water to ensure that all 14 First Class passengers can have a decent five-minute soak. Each shower has been designed to accommodate just one person at a time." at a time (wink).

Are your ready for some "Sunblock"?


100,000 Kryptonians

Beginning October 22 with a one-shot "Superman: New Krypton Special," a nine-part crossover series in the Superman Family of books.

"The story grows out of my 'Brainiac' arc in 'Action' and the 'Atlas' arc James has going in 'Superman.' But to put it simply, when those stories end there are 100,000 Kryptonians left on Earth

Via CBRNews



Who the hell is she? Find out more about this Legion of Super-Heroes member at the link.

Major Spoilers



"Ancient script, traditional motifs, cuddly cartoon characters—the Beijing Olympics’ iconography is carefully calculated, and in China, it’s everywhere.

The emblem contains two politically charged components, neither of which is immediately recognizable to those not familiar with Chinese characters or the country’s art history. The dancing figure at the center of the emblem is based upon the Chinese character δΊ¬ (jing), meaning “capital,” often used as simple shorthand for Beijing (εŒ—δΊ¬, literally “north capital”); it is rendered in a style evocative of China’s ancient seal script. The logo is made to look like a Chinese block seal—a stamp still used to mark official approval on documents. In concert, those two elements strongly imply an official seal designed to the specifications of the propagandistic demands of the Chinese government and its corporate partners".

Full Article Here

Monday, July 28

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Guess the Olympic Abs

NBC knows how to appeal to the ladies and the Gays. This is AB-FABulous.

Via Eric

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For Gorgeous Eyes


Thanks, Troy.


American Apparel Tees

I bought this lemon yellow t-shirts a
couple weeks ago. I love 'em in all colors.



Steve Scott

This guy is the best and I love this image.



Cut & Paste App

It seems like a simple thing to do right? I hope it works.

Vid Here


Alex Ross

Alex Ross illustrates Barack Obama.

Via Stephen Rader


Amazon Mobile Store

Just what I need. The ability to spend money wherever I am. Great.


Sunday, July 27

Seduced by the New...presents The Ones

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For the Vacation Guy

In Kauai

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For the Guys in Sungas

I love Brazil!



The LSH Visit Smallville

The Legion of Super-Heroes is coming to Smallville, and the writer who's guiding the futuristic team in comic books will be the one introducing them to the show.

The Legion of Super-Heroes is a group of super-powered teenagers from 1,000 years in the future who are inspired by the legend of Superman. The Legion story, which saw the young heroes time-traveling back to visit a young Clark Kent, recently inspired a Warner Bros. animated TV series.

More Info


For Olympic Travelers

The Beijing Taxi Cards are a simple set of palm sized ‘flip’ cards, featuring the most popular attractions, venues and destinations in Beijing. Lightweight and small, they fit easily in a handbag or pocket and can clip to a backpack or key ring. While other taxi guides and flash cards are available, they either contain too little information or so much that they become impractical to carry around.

Via Dina Zina

Seduced by the New...wants to "Freak You"


Whitney Houston

A leaked track, because our girl is coming back "like she never left".

Listen below.

Saturday, July 26

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For the Hot Guy

He makes those headphones look oh so good.

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For the Soap Hunk

David Fumero!

Image via

Audio Rx prescribed from Seduced by the New...

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For the Real Life Comic Book Guy

THe "Flash" Jermey Wariner! The family that I bought my house from has not forwarded their Boy's Life magazine subscription. Usually, I give it away after it arrives in the mail. This issue has the Olympian, Jeremy Wariner, on the cover. I am keeping it.

In Action


Gay Hero Franchise

Comics legend Stan Lee has signed a deal with acclaimed novelist Perry Moore, author of the award-winning gay superhero novel Hero. The two creators announced their new business partnership at the Comic-Con International.

Hero is the first in a series of fantasy novels by openly gay film producer and novelist Perry Moore. Hero tells the story of a teenage superhero, Thom Creed, who must deal with his ex-superhero father's disgrace, his own sexuality, and a murderer stalking the world's heroes.

Lee praised Moore’s Hero, calling the book’s young gay protagonist “a one-of-a-kind hero for the future.”

Warner Bros. has released a trailer for their upcoming "Batman: The Brave and The Bold"
Courtesy of


Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds

"Last summer, DC Comics writer Geoff Johns surprised readers with a little story he called Sinestro Corps War, juggling a multitude of villains and ring-wearing heroes in a space-based epic that became one of DC's most successful events of 2007.

This year, Johns will join with artist George Perez to tell another epic story about a team of ring-wearing heroes in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, the oversized five-issue mini-series that begins on August 20th".

Read Interview


Your Income

How wealthy are you compared to the rest of the world?


Friday, July 25

Hello! Man Candy Parade!

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For the Very Sexy Guy

(flatline) Get the defibrillator!

Get over it, Katy Perry!


Unlimited Text Messages

Here's how to to send unlimited free text messages in US and Canada.

1. Create a new email message.
2. In the To: box, type (
3. Type a message and click send.
4. The message will be sent to the cell phone with the number in the To: box
5. All received text messages will be sent to you as an email.

Note: This only works for US and Canadian numbers.