Friday, July 28

NxtUp...My Kitty

Echo Augustina Roland Castro-Pitts

The Havana Brown light of my life aka my 'Baby Girl',
'Precious P', 'Snuggle Bunny', 'Peaches',
'Peanut', 'Piggy Kitty', 'Kitty Chats Alot',
'Love Bug', 'Petunia Pig', 'Shakey Tale',
or 'Snaggle Puss'.

Amazing What?

This half hour animated show was so 'wicked-awesome'. You can watch it yourself at the link below.

Thursday, July 27


Patron Saints

Someone took the time to
make these great
Saints of Design.

Tuesday, July 25


USPS Stamps

Oh, snap! These stamps are so cool. Being the big geek I am, I love 'em!

Friday, July 21


Maddox & Chase

My cousins are healthy, happy & real cute.
Maddox is above and Chase is below.


Future Celebrity

Now, I know baby Anabelle is attention seeking. Look at her!
If I could buy stock in her future, I would. My gawd!
Annabelle lives in Cali with her mom & dad, Michelle & Craig W.

Look for her blog soon.

Thursday, July 20


It's Mr. Tiny Pants

So cute, it makes me weepy.



My galpal, Heather Hannibal, had this beautiful
baby boy 7 months ago. Cutie pie!

Tuesday, July 18


Why didn't I think of this!

These tags are supercute.

Friday, July 14


Hotel QT

This supercute hotel is where I want to stay.
Of course, I have to see Color Purple on Broadway too.
I'm a dreamer.

Thursday, July 13


HeadOn - Tension Headache Relief

"Apply Directly to Forehead"

All offices needs to pass
this out at the door in the morning.

Wednesday, July 12


Is this a spaceship?

Or the Hong Kong Convention Centre?


Gun Pillow

Do you think this is
too much for my office?


Travel in Style

Looking somewhat like a blimp, the Aerocraft is a more like an aeronautic ferry. Uplifted by helium and propelled by six turbofan jet engines, the aircraft glides smoothly about and can reach top speeds of 174 mph or travel across the U.S in less than 18 hours.



It's Disneyland in the desert. The 5 billion dollar, 180 million sq. ft. project will be the largest entertainment and tourism attraction on earth. Divided into six themed worlds and comprising over 200 individual projects. The themed world's Dubailand offers are; Downtown, eco tourism world, retail world, attractions world, sports world, and themed leisure/vacation world. The mind boggling experiences range from walking with dinosaurs through to floating through space.

Monday, July 10


Duck & Cover

North Korea produced this
graphic poster to celebrate its
Taepodong 1 missle.

Source NY Times, July 10

Friday, July 7


Popeye from Japan

Anyone going to Japan? This menswear publication
looks very good. No, I do not read Japanese, but
the fashion is universal.

Wednesday, July 5


Maddox & Chase Medrano

My twin cousins are looking good and so
is their mom, Amy! Wow!


Is this the new Wonder Woman?

Priyanka Chopra is in negotiations to be
the new Wonder Woman.

Tuesday, July 4


Legion of Super Heroes on WB

The first comic I ever remember collecting
decades ago. Now it will be a tv show. Sweet!

Monday, July 3



Check out the new Batwoman in DC comics, 52.
52 is a comic series that covers the weeks of the year without
Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman.

This new Batwoman has a yen for the ladies.

If that isn't enough see this link for more

NxtUp...Making a Difference

The Freedom Riders

Helen & Robert Singleton were married in 1955 in California.
In 1961 they traveled to the Jackson, MS train station to sit
in the whites-only waiting room.

The mug shots were taken 45 years ago this July.

Robert & Helen served prison time for their actions. Today Helen is an artist and retired arts administrator, Robert is a professor of economics.

Images by Robert Etheridge found in the NYTimes, Sun 7/2/06