Thursday, March 29



Hollywood's New Line Studio is wooing Jake Gyllenhall to star as Captain Marvel in Shazam! New Line is ready to spend $200 million on this film about a young man that turns into a strapping, goodlooking hero by saying "shazam". Maybe 'Isis' will be next with Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls. Hot!

NxtUp...Postal Service

Star Wars Stamps

The 41-cent stamps will be released May 25. The price of sending a letter goes up to that rate on May 14

Wednesday, March 28



I love me some kitty-cats!

Thanks to Audie image.


Balloon Sculptures

Did a clown make this? This image and a dozen others went around my office.


Floating Pyramids?

Oceanic-Creations, a Swedish based company, has unveiled plans to build floating commercial and residential buildings around the world with the help of a new composite material. The company’s first project is of this floating pyramid named the “Maya Hotel” is estimated to cost around $209 million and will be located south of Cancun, Mexico, on the Caribbean Sea. The floating buildings will feature built-in insulation that makes the constructions suitable for all types of climate, from the freezing cold to extreme heat. The company also plans to build floating offices, factories, casinos, student dorms & hotels in future. The Maya hotel is expected to open by 2010.


WTF is that?

Astronomers have spotted a hexagon-shaped feature on Saturn’s north pole.

“This is a very strange feature, lying in a precise geometric fashion with six nearly equally straight sides,” said a team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The hexagon is nearly 15,000 miles across. Nearly four Earths could fit inside it. The thermal imagery shows the hexagon extends about 60 miles down into the clouds.


Moscow's "Galaktika"

A UFO shaped building "Galaktika" (Galaxy), which will "hover" over the busy intersection of Michurin and Lobachevski streets. It will include a shopping center, hotel, plenty of parking and even helicopter landing pads.


YouTube Fun

Raining 300 men.

Monday, March 26


Tate Museum

This adult slide installation is fun. The article says Miuccia Prada has her own slide at her Milan office to whisk her to her parking space.

Article Budget Travel magazine


Just Because...

He distracts me!

Sunday, March 25



The Venice Casino uses baggage claim as a moving ad space to communicate with tourists.

Saturday, March 24


Mixed Race Twins

Being a mixed race kid, I think this is cool. "Imagine the surprise on Kylie Hodgson’s face when the midwife during her caesarean section showed her two beautiful baby girls - of different races. Both Kylie and her husband have mixed-race parents, meaning that one girl inherited all-white genes and the other all-black genes, an occurrence with odds of approximately a million to one."


Underwater Lodging

Recently there was a brief blurb about this in the NY Times. It looks very Jules Verne.

Thursday, March 22


Crossword Art

How cute!


Cheaper Overseas Travel?

Transatlantic fares set to tumble after 'Open Skies' air deal but agreement will be scrapped if the US does not open its domestic routes within two years. The agreement in Brussels, which looks certain to drive down prices and increase choice for air travellers, was signed despite major reservations from the UK, which was worried that the transatlantic supremacy of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow would be threatened.

Under the new deal, both carriers - which are the only European airlines to operate the lucrative business route between Heathrow and JFK New York - will have to fight to keep their landing and take-off slots against wide open competition from other European carriers.

The agreement will allow European airlines to run transatlantic flights to any American city from any EU country and not just their home country, as the previous arrangements entailed. In return, American carriers will have free access to all European airports

Wednesday, March 21


Blue Sea Slug

This Glaucus Atlanticus was photographed in a rock pool in New South Wales, Australia. They measure less than 2 inches long, float on their back and feed on small sea creatures and the deadly Portuguese Man o’ War.


News Grid

This is a super cool news aggregator. The color blocks are coordinated to tech, entertainment, sports, etc.

NxtUp...Hot Dad!

Craig & Anabelle

Previously, I have posted about the little angel, Anabelle. Well, this is her daddy.

Thanks to BFF, Michelle W. for image.


Real Life Bollywood

Not being a huge fan of Elizabeth Hurley, I was stunned by the fantastic images of her Hindi ceremony. At one point of the multi-day ceremony, groom's guest wore orange & her guest wore pink. Overnight guest stayed in tents with full facilities. On another day Hurley was introduced to the groom's family at the Bharaaat after she arrived on horseback with a procession of white dancing horses. Inset is a picture of Tom Ford in a turban. It all seems so storybook. The pic of her descending the stairs with her son is out of a movie set.

Images People magazine.


Cute Article

My galpal, Tiffanie*, sent this to me.

*Redhead, model, actress & hot mom.


Emily Blunt

Wow...Vargas girl!

Image Vanity Fair



Trunki can be packed full of goodies to keep your little travellers entertained during the journey. Children can pack, sit-on and ride their own luggage whilst parents can keep them in tow. Just in case your little one gets tired, Trunki has a handy shoulder strap so that parents can carry them with ease. I am sure this will be available in the US.

Tuesday, March 20



The next big thing. The Lebanese crooner who lives in London is now ready to conquer North America. He has been playing showcases in the U.S. to promote the U.S. release of his album next week


Amy Winehouse

The other big thing.

Monday, March 19


Robot Virtual Boss

Great, just what we all need. Okay, this is kind of "Jetsons", it's the Giraffe, an entirely disturbing use of technology that basically allows your boss to stay at home on the couch and still loom over your shoulder at the office. According to the product announcement, for the low, low price of about $1,800



I want a singing toothbrush!

NxtUp...My Nephew

Naked Science

My nephew, Evaristo Castillo, appeared on the National Graphic channel. In this episode of Prehistoric Americans he is running around hunting. "E" has been an extra in
many films made in Austin. My nephew also has a band called "Thick & Muddy"

Sunday, March 18


Arab Louvre

Not in Dubai, but Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, a Louvre.

Saturday, March 17


The Cube

Continuing my fascination with Dubai, this is The Cube. A unique and innovative landmark tower that will occupy a prime location within Dubai Sports City. A prestigious condo residence delivering the highest quality finishes by wholesome detail and a zest for sports.


Floating Hotel

Within a few years, the super-rich could be taking luxury trips in the sky, on a floating hotel nicknamed the Airient Express. Blimps with 50 guest rooms could be cruising the skies as early as 2010, developers say. Along with a ballroom and library, passengers could also bungee jump or skydive from the airship. The structure may be made out of glass that is transparent from the inside but not the outside. This would allow for 360-degree panoramic views of the world's cities and landscapes.

Friday, March 16


Pepper Spray Ring

The pepper spray ring is designed to be worn on either hand on the 1st (index) or 2nd finger preferably your dominant hand, with the thumb (or other hand if necessary) accessible to operate the safety latch and depress the trigger. The pepper spray comes out of the front of the ring next to the stone. A safety slide locks the trigger button in place until you are ready to fire.


Ice, ice, Baby!

A spacecraft orbiting Mars has scanned huge deposits of water ice at its south pole so plentiful they would blanket the planet in 36 feet of water if they were liquid.


Chanel Holographic Nail Colour

Duo Platinum Holographic Nail Colour turns each of your nails into a full hologram. Yes, you read correctly. Normally when you find a nail colour with holographics, it means that there are little holographic particles in it that will change when the light hits it.

Thursday, March 15


Boeing Aircraft to Replace 747s?

Boeing is hoping its new X-48B aircraft will become the commercial airliner of the future. The blended-wing plane—a name given to planes that merge the fuselage and wings into one. The X-48B uses up to 30% less gas than a typical airliner. Boeing hopes to have a military version of the plane ready by 2022.


A New Species

A type of leopard found on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo and believed to be related to its mainland cousin is in fact a completely new cat species, WWF said Thursday. The conservation group said American scientists compared the DNA of the clouded leopard with that of its mainland cousin and determined the two populations diverged some 1.4 million years ago.

Wednesday, March 14


Modified Mullet?

My Hair Engineer, Tracie Armand, will have to do this for me next time. Check out her link below.


My Throne

This crazy orange chair could be my throne.


The new Captain America

The Punisher picked up Caps' mask at the end of the Marvel Civil War. It appears that the Punisher may take up the mask.

Tuesday, March 13


Brady Quinn says,

"Welcome to the Gunshow!"


Neon Paul Smith Bag

Well, I would be a big OLD 'Mo with a neon green bag, but why change now. Oh, my pretty, I want you.



These Patrick Cox silver loafers have my name written on their sole.


David Bromstad

This Design Star winner stars in his own show "Color Splash: on HGTV.

Hello, David!

NxtUp...The Arts

Chuck Close

You may know about Chuck Close and the giant photorealistic paintings he used to do. For many years he has created portraits
with small abstract shapes. What I did not know until this past Sunday morning by watching CBS that he has been in a wheelchair for many years. All the while still creating his amazing work.

Everything you read on wikipedia is not true, but his bio is posted there.


Joss Stone

Recently, I saw her Joss' new look. This lil' Diva is wearing pumps now.

Monday, March 12


Yes, it is a fetish!

Wow...I am lovin' these "odd-dee-dos" as the Europeans say.


Robot Love

Supercute paper products.