Friday, December 31

Summing Up 2010

Health & happiness for all in a new year. Cheers!

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What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

Hey, Mister DJ!

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

The iPhone is a gift to gaymankind.

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

What Next...Retro Art

New's Years Eve on the Moon

That is how we party in the retro-future.

What Next...Video Games

Kotaku's Guide New Games

For January thru March release.

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Happy New Year!


2010 Top of the Pops

Guess Who?

What Next...TV Entertainment

11 TV Anticipated Shows

To watch in 2011 compiled by Newsarama.


What Next...Games

11 Anticipated Games

For 2011 compiled by Newsarama.


Happy New Year!

If my blog had sponsors...
(This is an actual product.)

What Next...Etymology

Words of 2010

See the interactive list at the link.


Thursday, December 30

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

White hot!

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

I love self-portraits with iPhones.

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

Oh, hell yes!

Lunchtime Cutie

What Next...Comics

Age of X: Alpha

Marvel Comics mutankind’s final war starts with this book. Preview it a the link.


What Next...Concepts


"A cross between a floating hotel and super slow cruise ship. Called the Morphotel, it has been created by Italian architect Gianluca Santosuosso for the Indian Navy Docks of Greater Mumbai.

His vision calls for the Morphotel to go on an endless journey around the world, stopping occasionally in various ports to become a temporary extension of the city itself, as people and supplies come and go."


What Next...Apps

LEGO Creationary

For iPad & iPhone


What Next...Etymology

NYT Words of 2010

Pop Culture

belieber: A fan of Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop singer who also spawned ...

the Justin Bieber: A haircut also known as the flip and switch, the flow, or the twitch. Now driving parents crazy everywhere.

G.T.L.: For “gym, tan, laundry,” the life philosophy of the Situation, otherwise known as Mike Sorrentino of the reality TV program “Jersey Shore.” You laugh, but it’s worked for him.

i-dosing: A supposed digital drug. Certain soundwaves, the claim goes, give listeners a high. Skeptics abound, watchful parents are everywhere.

star whacker: The latest in celeb coinage. In October, the actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, begged for asylum in Canada, claiming fear of star whackers, people who had already killed other famous people and were out to get them, too.


coffice: In South Korea, a coffee shop habitually used as an office by customers, who mooch its space, electricity, Wi-Fi and other resources. Presumably, they pay for the coffee.

halfalogue: Half of a conversation, like an overheard phone call. The term was coined in the research paper “Overheard Cell-Phone Conversations: When Less Speech is More Distracting” in the journal Psychological Science.

sofalize: A British marketing term created for people who prefer to stay home and communicate with others electronically.

mansplainer: A man compelled to explain or give an opinion about everything — especially to a woman. He speaks, often condescendingly, even if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or even if it’s none of his business. Old term: a boor.

social graph: The structure of personal networks, who people know and how they know them, especially online. The term probably came from the internal lingo at Facebook, but it has spread widely among technology companies.


demon sheep: The political ad that captured critics everywhere for being “baaad,” as The Wall Street Journal put it. The Senate campaign of Carly Fiorina used and retired the ad, but other campaigns quickly created their own parodies.

mama grizzly: Coined by Sarah Palin, “mama grizzly” is the conservative woman’s battle cry, referring to mothers who ferociously defend their children or policies that benefit them. Often used with humor. In her new book, Ms. Palin wrote that it’s “bear propaganda” to insist that these bears are cute and cuddly.

poutrage: False outrage, usually put on for personal, financial or political gain.

refudiate: Another Palinism, this time a blend of refute and repudiate. Now used with an eyebrow raised.

shellacking: President Obama’s preferred way to describe what happened to Democrats in the midterm elections. Some might call it a knock-down punch.


cuddle class: Economy-class airplane seats that unfold into a bed or couch, as proposed by Air New Zealand, which calls them “Skycouch” seats.

porno scanner: A full-body security scanner that provoked outrage at airports and on blogs. Also called strip-search scanners and, more politely, by the Transportation Security Administration, advanced imaging technology.

enhanced pat-down: Frisking in which security workers slide the palms of their hands down a person’s body in a search for contraband or weapons.


double-dip recession: What economists talked about, and what every Obama administration official feared.

flash crash: The mystery of the financial markets this year: a May 6 market drop of almost 1,000 points.

peak water: Like “peak oil,” a theory that humans may have used the water easiest to obtain, and that scarcity may be on the rise.

QE2: Not the ocean liner, but the abbreviation for the Fed’s latest round of quantitative easing, its purchase of Treasury bonds. The term is usually used by critics derisively, and often in combination with another disaster, the sinking of the Titanic.

robo-signer and put-back: Even for people who never read their mortgage documents, these terms became inescapable as the foreclosure crisis hit. For the record, a robo-signer approves mortgage foreclosure notices without verifying its contents. A put-back is a mortgage sold back to an institutional seller because of problems with documentation.

The Oil Spill

containment dome: After the April 20 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon, everyone became an engineer. The containment dome? Yes, that seals the leak.

junk shot: Plugging the leak with old tires, golf balls and other debris.

static kill: Sealing the well by pumping in a synthetic mud from the top.

bottom kill: The same technique, only many thousands of feet further down the well through a relief well. How we got this education: the 24-hour spillcam that broadcast the leak.


inception: Popularized by the movie “Inception,” the word expanded from its usual meaning and now refers to ideas planted in the dreams of other people.

double rainbow: A phrase from the hugely popular YouTube video by Paul Vasquez, featuring his breathless amazement at the sight of two rainbows at Yosemite National Park. It spawned parodies, television commercials, dance mixes, Auto-Tune versions, parties and Halloween costumes, and is now used to refer — ironically and not — to something amazing.

E.V.: An electric vehicle. While the term has been around for decades, there are now more cars like the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt, which makes it more than an environmentalist’s pipeless dream.

G.Z.M.: An acronym for ground zero mosque — the shorthand term for a controversial Muslim community center proposed near the site where the World Trade Center was attacked.

vuvuzela: The South African plastic trumpet that invaded, like locusts, the World Cup matches in Johannesburg. Television viewers, as well as participants, couldn’t escape the buzzzzz.

Weird: Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic, an acronym and criticism of the typical subjects in studies by behavioral scientists. That is, they tend to be the easiest to recruit: undergraduates.


What Next...Obsessorizing

Spiked Helmet

115 USD at ASOS. You know, I will wear just about anything however I think I draw the line with this.


What Next...Obsessorizing

Knitted Headband

Rock me, sexy Jesus!


Wonderful Illustration

What Next...Photography

R.I.P. Kodachrome

The end of an era, Kodachrome film is no longer available as of today. The only place in the world that process Kodachrome, Dwayne's Photo in Parsons, Kansas will no longer develop it.

You give us those nice bright colors
You give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away
". - Paul Simon


What Next...Obsessorizing

Nixon Watch

This watch is fantastic.


What Next...Obsessorizing

"Python" Easel iPad Case

The easel concept is attractive.


Wednesday, December 29

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

In blue shorts!

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

In red.

Dj Ortzy & Mark M Feat. Aria - Party In Miami

What Next...Really?


"An audio drug that, according to parents in Oklahoma, is picking up steam in high schools and must be stopped."



What Next...Really?

Rick Owens Men's Boots

Only Adam Lambert could wear these or afford these 1800 USD boots.

I mean really?


What Next...Obsessorizing

Graphic iPad Cases

Found at Nordstrom.


That explains it all...

So cute it's sick.

A preview for the next episode of Modern Family, for January 5.

Random iPad Wallpapers

What Next...Retro Cinema

Mr. Skeffington

"Popular and beautiful Fanny Trellis is forced into a loveless marriage with an older man, Jewish banker Job Skeffington, in order to save her beloved brother Trippy from an embezzlement charge and predictable complications result."

E & I had never seen this before, but TiVo thought we should and we did. Lots of wonderful repartee and over-acting that was custom of the time period.


Tuesday, December 28

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

With his iPhone!

hat Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy


What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Model

Rodiney Santiago!

It's a Village People party on up in hur'!

What Next...Video Games

Upcoming Games

DC Universe Online (PS3, PC) – January 11
Little Big Planet 2 (PS3) – January 18
Mass Effect 2 (PS3) – January 18
Dead Space 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – January 25
Heroes on the Move (PS3) – Q1 2011
SOCOM 4 (PS3) – Q1 2011
Sorcery (PS3) – Q1 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds (PS3, Xbox 360) – February 15
Bulletstorm (PC, PS3, XBOX 360) – February 22
Killzone 3 (PS3) – February 22

Homefront (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – March 8
Dragon Age 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – March 8
Yakuza 4
(PS3) – March 15
Motorstorm Apocalypse (PS3) – March 16
Crysis 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – March 22
F.E.A.R. 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – March 22
LA Noire (PS3, Xbox 360) – Q1/Q2 2011
Ico Collection (PS3) – Q1/Q2 2011

Portal 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – April 18
Mortal Kombat (PS3, Xbox 360) – April 2011
Driver San Francisco (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii) – April 2011
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – April 2011
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – April 2011
Brink (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – Spring 2011

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – May 10
Red Faction Armageddon (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – May 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic (PC) Q2/Q3 2011

Forza Motorsport 4 (Xbox 360) – Q3 2011
Batman Arkham City (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – Q3 2011


Resistance 3 (PS3) – September 6
RAGE (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – September 13
Ratchet and Clank All 4 One (PS3) – Fall 2011

Diablo 3 (PC) – Q4 2011
The Last Guardian (PS3) – Q4 2011
Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360) – Q4 2011
Mass Effect 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – Q4 2011
Alice Madness Returns (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – Q4 2011

Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception (PS3) – November 1
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) – November 11

Dates are always fluid with new releases.


What Next...Music

Gorillaz Compilation

Sign-up as a Gorillaz fan to listen.


What Next...TV Entertainment

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

January 21!


So cute it's sick. (In reverse)
Contributed by Tommy Thompson

So cute it's sick.

What Next...Obsessorizing

USB Cuff Links

An accessory for the "Julian Assange" in your life.


What Next...Toys

Modern Dollhouse

If I could only get my hands on a shrink-ray.


What Next...Design

Bird & Nest Cloche

"This lovely terrarium features a beautiful vintage illustration transferred onto the glass cloche."

E's mom bought him one of these for Christmas & it's really lovely. It will be even better with an African Violet underneath.


Monday, December 27

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

Nice t-shirt.