Thursday, November 30


Times Have Changed

This site is full of jaw dropping images.

Wednesday, November 29


Plastic Toy

This is funny and disturbing.


Web Gift Selector

Check out the site. It is so well done.


Sci-fi Android Pony

This android pony stands over three feet tall, and really “comes alive” as she moves and responds to your loving care! Touch or talk to your pony and her head moves! As you continue to interact with her, watch her ears wiggle and her eyes blink! Be sure to take extra-special care of your pony. “Feed” her the carrot and groom her with her brush. Watch her swish her tail back and forth! She even whinnies and snorts, and will sniff your hand! Sit on your pony for a pretend ride and she makes walking sounds. I read it holds up to 200 punds.

Thursday, November 23


Geezus, Joseph & Mary!

I think that is a puppy.



Is that guy nekid? This image was in Wednesday's Houston Chronicle sports section.

Tuesday, November 21


Great Interactive Site

Otto Siebold is the best illustrator. This site is taken from his work.

Monday, November 20


Sky Mirror

Previously, I posted about the Sky Mirror. I didn't think I would get to see it, but I was able to see the mirror the day before and the day after with a slice taken out. It must have been awesome from the offices in the area above the central plaza.

NxtUp...Eye Candy

"Do you have a map?"

"Cuz, I’m lost in your eyes."
This was a tear from a recent Fossil catalog. I just had to post it in for some reason.

NxtUp...Mecca Stars

Wealth & Dubai

This image was pulled from Marie Claire this month. The editorial was shot in Dubai and I am fascinated with that country. I love this shot so much I had to post it.


The World’s Most High-Tech Urinal

In an effort to handle its nighttime public urination problem, Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is considering installing urinals that disappear below street level during the day. Unlike the automated, self-cleaning toilets planned for Toronto and Vancouver, which are enclosed booths with doors that that automatically open after a set time period, the Urilift system is a two-meter high stainless steel cylinder with three alcoves, each with a urinal, and no doors.

NxtUp...Monster Machine

Biggest Machine in the World

The world’s biggest moving machine is Bagger 288, a giant trencher or bucket excavator. It is 300 meters long and weighs 45,500 tons!

Thursday, November 16


Type Selector

This is awesome. My office needs to buy me this. Then I might be able to get them to use more than one font family.
Fonts are grouped in these categories: Serif Slab, Seri,f Sans Serif, Script, Black, Letter & Display

Wednesday, November 15

NxtUp...Eye Candy

Boys in Elle

The make-up person on the runway job was brilliant. Check out the tanlines on the models chests.


Live it. Love it.

The powwwwwer of orange!

Tuesday, November 14

NxtUp...Handsome Guy

Persian Payum

I speak to this guy via email...I 'met' him on myspace and he is so cute to me.
He had this picture taken of himself in Disneyworld and titled it "long lost relatives".

Monday, November 13


Old School Journals

These are cute. I am loving the Highlights journal.

Sunday, November 12


Grand Canyon Glass Bridge

The Skywalk U-shaped footbridge extends 65 feet beyond the lip of the Grand Canyon, with zero support from below. Set for completion next month, the $30 million balcony consists of two curved, parallel steel beams joined together by a 2.5-inch-thick glass floor, offering a view of the ground nearly three quarters of a mile below. To secure the bridge, 96 steel rods bore 50 feet into the canyon wall just beneath the visitors’ center, and a set of 1.6-ton steel dampers brace the structure against gusts up to 90mph.

NxtUp...My Kitty

Whiskas Cat Bed

Awh! My baby girl, Echo Augustina Roland Castro-Pitts, needs one of these. Only in the UK now, but maybe it will works its way over the Atlantic.



War is not cool, but this Batwing is! So SciFi...carbon-fiber gliding wing strapped on their backs, soldiers can scream through the air at more than 250 mph—considerably faster than the 25 mph they achieve with a regular chute and a strong tailwind. It also allows them to travel up to 25 miles from their jumping-off point, and its streamlined design makes for a quiet ride that’s difficult to detect by radar. The sturdy wing houses an oxygen supply and steering controls, as well as a “trunk” to stow 110 pounds of weapons and gear. Oh, and a parachute to ensure a soft landing for both jumper and wing

Friday, November 10


Liebao (Chinese for "Cheetah")

While looking like one of those adorable cartoon vehicles in the movie "Cars," this is actually a photo of the Chinese Liebao SUV which was revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show. The company, Chang Feng, will bring out four vehicles next year, at least that's the rumor -- two Liebao branded pickup trucks and two SUVs. Look for them at NAIAS 2007.


Water from the Air

"The science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once wrote that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Case in point: this water-harvesting machine, which can pull up to 500 gal. of drinkable water per day out of thin air. Its precise workings aren't public, but they use a chemical process similar to the one that causes salt to absorb moisture from the air (and clump up your saltshaker). The water machine isn't particularly portable--it's 20 ft. long--but it will be a godsend for disaster victims or troops in desert combat."

Source: Time


Anti-gravity Now!

Okay! The future is now. Next we will have floating coffee tables, dining tables and desks. The technology is available now, but
it is very pricey. It is only a matter of time.

"Your eyes do not deceive you: that sleek slab levitating in midair is in fact a bed, and it is floating unsupported--though lightly tethered at its four corners--16 in. above the floor. The hovering bed is the daydream of a Dutch designer who says he was inspired by the monolith in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Its secret is a matching set of repelling magnets, built into the bed and the floor below, that's powerful enough to support almost 2,000 lbs. The magnetic fields are supposed to be perfectly safe for sleepers, but you're advised to take off your earrings before vacuuming underneath."

Source: Time


Eat your coffee?

"Spanish culinary mastermind Ferran AdriΓ  is famous for tinkering with food at the molecular level to produce wonders like liquid ravioli and frozen Parmesan air. His latest gastronovelty: solid espresso, dubbed Γ¨spesso. It's made by combining regular espresso with sugar and a secret ingredient, then squirting it out of a canister like whipped cream. You eat it with a spoon. The mousselike treat arrived in the U.S. in September, and is available in espresso, cappuccino and macchiato flavors."

Source: Time

Thursday, November 9

NxtUp...Vintage Board Games


I have several vintage board games. There is one I can recall playing as a kid, but I can't remember the name. I am trying to
figure it out...meanwhile I found looks coool.

NxtUp...Vintage Board Games


This looks like fun. I do not get to play them enough lately.

NxtUp...Vintage Board Games


The graphics on this look so fun. I want this.

Wednesday, November 8

NxtUp...Vintage Board Games


This is intriguing.

NxtUp...Vintage Board Games


I am hunting for this one.


Time Magazine

I love this yearly issue.

Tuesday, November 7



I wish I had done this. I tore this out of a magazine over 5 years ago. I love it.


Photographer David LaChapelle

I have followed this guy for years. I love his work.


Ray Caeser

Eric and I saw this print in a window in Venice. It was not for sale.
When we returned I looked up the artist and he was on with a link to
his website.

NxtUp...Pop Culture

The Wonder Twins

Why have the Wonder Twins remained in pop culture for so long?
I still love 'em.

Monday, November 6


Photomontages by Genevieve Gaukler

16 artworks made for an exhibition at the Someday Gallery in Melbourne. Large photomontages, such a huge amount of work also, cutting out around 3000 photos.

Friday, November 3


Adler Cat

The month of "Robtober" is over, but the gifts keep coming. Yesterday, this Jonathan Adler cat arrived in the mail. It made me emotional because I love my kitty, Echo Augustina Roland Castro-Pitts, so much. The sales clerk forgot the card, but the I know 'gift giver' loves her pets just as much.

What she probably did not know is that I was in the NYC store it was sent from on Saturday, Oct. 29.

I love it...thank you.

NxtUp...Attention Seeking Disorder


Many people suffer from this disorder. Please send what you can to accepted.

NxtUp...Design NYC

Urban Forest Project

While in NYC, I kept seeing these cool banners hanging around in TImes Square.
I finally figured out there was a website with examples of some of the banners I saw.

Wednesday, November 1


Hyper-realistic giant sculpture!

Years ago I saw this sculpture by Rob Mueck in DC. Twelve pieces of his work will be shown at the Brooklyn Museum between
November 3 and February 11, 2007. I noticed it in the paper while I was NYC and had forgotten how cool it was.