Wednesday, August 31

Another Day

Another Hot Dude

With his iPhone.


Sexy Dude!

Interesting People...

Lunchtime Cutie


Google: Seduced by the New...

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Music from Asa

Be My Man
I am lovin' her!

Paul Thurlby World Map

Board Game Design

Fallout Monopoly

Some dude received this as a handmade gift based on the video game.


Where in the WWW?

DC Relaunch Update

 DC Stormwatch trailer via

Face Recognition & Giga-Pixel Image

• Same technology used to arrest suspects in the recent London riots.
• The crowd before the hockey riot in Vancouver.
• Zero in on one single face.
• Put your cursor anywhere in the crowd and double-click a couple of times.
• Anyone in the crowd of 25,000 can be easily identified.


Tuesday, August 30

David Wright in a towel!

If you don't know who David Wright is Google that sh#t!

So hip it hurts.




Hot 2-fer

Film Short

In Cold Star, a boy pushed up a diving platform by a menacing crowd gets help from a mysterious man.

Get with the App!


"A monthly interactive magazine focusing on comic books, toys, movies and pop culture, Champion! offers readers a unique voice and individual experience with how they consume information. Champion! focuses on the latest pop culture news, and utilizes the latest technology to blend the aesthetics of a magazine with the immediacy and interactivity of the internet. Champion! offers tutorials from today’s hottest artists, interviews with the casts of the latest Hollywood blockbusters and keeps you up to date on the latest toys, comics and collectibles you should be buying each month."

I felt like the defunct Wizard Magazine crew would follow up with this type online magazine.


Lunchtime Cutie

Interesting People...

Google Male

Can we get an allaluah on up in here?!

I like white people, Michele Bachmann! My Dad was white and hey! My same-sex husband is white. Michele (with one L) & I have more in common than I thought. Even her husband may
be perceived as a homosexual.

Starbucks Free App of the Week

Spy Mouse

Pick up your code at participating Starbucks.


Earth Science

Underground Amazon River

"A massive underground river has been discovered beneath the Amazon Rainforest that is actually larger than the famous waterway that meanders through the jungle above. Researchers say that the new river –dubbed Rio Hamza after the leader of the team that found it– is located 2.5 miles beneath the surface and is many times wider than the Amazon River itself."


Clever Design

Height Chart

"The I'm As Big As height chart is a 2 metre high wall mounted childrens (and adults!) measuring chart that allows you to document your growth and learn some weird and wonderful facts at the same time."

UK Link

Concept Home

Where in the WWW?

Amazing infographics! Contributed by the Mac Guru

Monday, August 29

Hurricane Irene Overhyped?


Really? People are disappointed that Irene had been more devastating? Really?!
Try being without power in Houston during Summer for two weeks after Hurricane Ike.


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Disaster Due Morbidly Obese America & God

Really, Michele? Are you sure is wasn't Gay Marriage or DADT?

Arrest Me

Or Hold Me

For questioning.

Nothing except a...

Deep Inhale

Blexbolex Illustrations

Lunchtime Cutie

Gadgets & Googaws

Sony Announces Tablet

"Sony PlayStation Tablet S will sport a 9.4-inch display, a decent 1280x768 resolution, two cameras, and the ability to "provide seamless access and control of all devices in the home thanks to integrated WiFi, DLNA-compatibility, and an IR blaster."

More Here

I forget how much I appreciate Beyonce!

Then I see her perform a number like this. Wonderful.

Transmedia InfoGraphic

Howdy, Pardner!

Respublika Animation

So cute it's sick.