Wednesday, September 30

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Military Guy

High & tight.

Livvi Franc feat Pitbull - "Now I'm That Chick"

What Next...Illustrations


Very nice work.


You probably have heard about 19 lb 'baby. I love freaky big babies.

What Next...Music

Marc Johnce Mash-Up

"Get The Love Game Started"
Tonka ft. Lara Mc Allen - Get Back
Pink - Get The Party Started
Lady Gaga - Love Game

Audio Here

What Next...Illustrations

Origami Animal Collage

This is so fantastic to me.


What Next...Comics

LSH Origin Page

(1) PHANTOM GIRL (Tinya Wazzo) came from the planet BGZTK, wich occupies the same space as Earth, but in another dimension. She can dematerialize at will and pass through solid objects.

(2) DUO DAMSEL (Luornu Durgo) was known as TRIPLICATE GIRL until one of her three bodies was killed by the villainous thinking machine, COMPUTO. She comes from the planet CARGG, whose triple sun gives all natives the power to split into three bodies. DUO DAMSEL can still become TWO girls. A double date with her is REALLY double!.

(3) BRAINIAC 5 (Querl dox), of the planet COLU, is a descendant of VRIL DOX, the adopted son of the original BRAINIAC, SUPERMAN'S foe. Vril found a way to raise his brain to the 12th level, making it the equal of BRAINIAC'S computer mind; and a genetic change enabled him to pass this super-mind on to his descendants, including BRAINICA 5.

(4) LIGHTINING LAD (Garth Ranzz) gained the power to generate lightning bolts when he was attacked by lightning monsters on the plnaet KORBAL, and their blasts electrified his body. He is from a different world, WINATH.

(5) BOUNCING BOY (Chuck Taine), of EARTH, gained the power of super-bouncing when he drank a super-plastic fluid, wich he mistook for soda-pop. Scene shows him bouncing away from angry crooks with important papers.

(6) INVISIBLE KID (Lyle Norg), also of EARTH, is a young genius who invented a serum which enables him to become invisible. He uses his power to spy on outlaws.


Tuesday, September 29

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Movie Poster

I was really uninterested in the mess before these images
started rolling around the web. However, I believe it will
be best at home. There I have the option for slowwww-motion.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Fit Guy

With odd belly button placement.

For the Ladies and their Gay BFFs...

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Actor

Shia LaBeouf! Filming "Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps" in the Meatpacking District.
Somebody is packin'.


What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

Man crush!

What Next...Obsessorizing

Racing Stripe Tote

I need a green bag. Do hear me? I need it.

Willy Wonka's New Everlasting Cookie

Well, until 3009 that is.

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What Next...Music

La Roux

"La Roux are an English electropop “synth duo” band made up of singer and synth player Elly Jackson and co-writer and co-producer Ben Langmaid. Elly found a book of baby names in a bin. Within the book was the name “La Roux”. ‘La Roux’ comes from the French for ‘red-haired one’ (‘la rousse’) referring to Jackson’s distinctive hairstyle. Their music is largely influenced by 1980s pop music including Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, The Human League, Yazoo and Prince."

Available today.

What Next...Cartoons

"The Venture Bros."

Season 4 will premiere at Midnight on October 18.

What Next...Design

Ceramic Polaroid Camera

This is cute & clever.


What Next...Design

Adler Ceramic Containers

As an homage to Barbie. I have the small "Dolls" container in another color scheme with
Jonathan Adler's signature on bottom. I keep my own 'dolls' in it.


Priscilla Renea - "Dollhouse"

What Next...Dolls

Jonathan Adler Barbie

Might cute. I love her lamp.


What Next...Travel

In-flight Phone Usage Imminent?

"Here in America, you need to keep you phone off between takeoff and landing. But on foreign airlines such as Emirates and Ryanair, you're welcome to make calls in-flight."

I hope this NEVER happens on Continental or Jet Blue flights. What a nightmare.


Monday, September 28

I used to buy Rammenstein CDs. (Yes, really.) I haven't heard anything
that had peaked my interest until this. There is an X-rated version, but it is NSFW at all. If you are offended by graphic sex do not hit the link.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

Inhale. Exhale. OMG!

What Next...Sweeties

Bombshell Pastry

Follow my bestie at the link.


Lunchtime Hottie


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What Next...Blu-Ray

Pubic Enemies

A Batman/Superman movie? Geektastic! I love this stuff.


Robot Chicken Crew launches 'Titan Maximum' this week on Adult Swim.

What Next...Illustrations

New Vintage Comic Pin-Ups


So cute it's sick.

Sunday, September 27

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy


What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Cute Guy

What a sweetie.

Alexandra Burke - "Bad Boys"

What Next...Comics

The new Justice League

CONGORILLA- A big, mystically-empowered golden gorilla who was a simple explorer named Congo Bill.

DONNA TROY- She's filling the Wonder Woman role. She's been Wonder Girl, and Troia, she's been a mirror-image sister of Wonder Woman and a product of the legendary Titans of Myth.

MON-EL- Superman's slot (and possibly the superhero name, judging by the "S" Crest now on his costume) goes to this chap from Daxam. As we recently learned in the Superman Annual, Daxamites are actually anciently related to Kryptonians, and Mon has some other blood coursing through his veins as well.

BATMAN (Dick Grayson)- He's, at his core, like the Batman pop culture fans know; a regular man trained to the peak of mental and physical conditioning, using gadgets galore to fight crime after the tragic loss of his parents. However, he's got a sunny side, and a lot more willingness to depend on his friends. This Batman smiles.

DR. LIGHT (Kimiyo)- No, not the crazy villain who Meltzer made into a topic of epic controversy. This is the Dr. Light who has been a hero of various levels for years, and one of the few holdovers from either current Justice League of America.

GREEN ARROW (Oliver Queen)- Ollie's back, and this time, he's the grizzled veteran of the team. A lot of his team dynamic comes from playing off other characters, including his buddy cop show relationship with Hal Jordan and his constant clashes with Batman. With a new man under the cowl (and a whole lot of first time Leaguers), how will GA's actions and reactions change?

GREEN LANTERN (Hal Jordan)- With everything Hal's been through in the last few years, he certainly has the experience column checked off. With his buddy Oliver on the team, their dynamic can continue to be played with. However, with a starring role in the current mega event Blackest Night and his own solo book, some people may be a bit confused as to why he, over the other three Green Lanterns of Earth, is on the team.

THE ATOM (Ray Palmer)- Another veteran who has recently returned to his role, the incredible shrinking man certainly adds a big brain to the team. That is, until you look at...

CYBORG- The longtime Teen and teen-less Titan who is often looked to as a backbone for that family of characters finally gets his graduation day. Alongside teammates Dick and Donna, he finally gets a crack at the big leagues. He's not the only other Titan moving on up, as...

STARFIRE- Also joins from the Titans (is there anyone left?). She's an alien princess with very high-level energy powers, and another of Dick Grayson's former loves.

THE GUARDIAN- This super cop has seen a recent revival in the pages of the Superman books, but joining the premier superteam in the States is a surprising move for the character. He's probably the sleeper character to watch here.

This line-up won't last long.

Thanks, Newsarama

What Next...Illustrations

DC Characters

See a few others at the link.


Saturday, September 26

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Adorable Guy

As cute as a buttermilk biscuit.

Saturday at the Mall

Oh ye-yuh!


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What Next...Obama Watch

Michelle & Chantal

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pose for a photo during a reception at the Metropolitan Museum in New York with H.E. Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon, and his wife, Mrs. Chantal Biya, Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009.

I am fascinated by The First Lady of Cameroon. Chantal looks like an interesting person as a character study. I bet she was upset that her eyes closed in this pic.


What Next...Obama Watch

For the Classy First Lady

"First Lady Michelle Obama hosts spouses of world leaders attending the G-20 Pittsburgh Summit during a dinner at Rosemont Farm in Pittsburgh, Penn., Sept. 24, 2009."

I wish I had been there.


What Next...Illustrations

Wonder Woman

In her invisible plane with Wonder Baby.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Chick

Cheryl Cole!


What Next...Board Games

3-D Monopoly

I have this old board game called, Hotels, that I love. I had always wondered why
Hasbro did not make a similar style Monopoly and now they have.

Via Klinka

What Next...Gadgets


A splitter for 2 sets of headphones. So cute.


I wonder if Disney has optioned this baby for a TV series yet?

Friday, September 25

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

Thank you, Brazil!


What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

Define 'happy trail'?

The New Office 'Rockstar'

That the ladies at my office are crazy about. Whatever.


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Friday Lunchtime Cutie


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My new favorite group The Alphabeat.

What Next...Illustrations


What a wonderful illustration.


What Next...InterWebz

Omnipotent Google to Scan All Books

In the quest to obtain self-conscientiousness, Google plans make to millions of books
available on the web. Once Gooogle acquires a higher plane of being
we will have to take up arms against the robot up-rising.

More Info

Why? Does Hollywood really need to
roll another one of these out?