Tuesday, May 31

Another Day...

Another Hot Dude

"Super" is right!

Oh, hell yes!

Hot Actor

Shemar Moore!

DC Comics Digital Push

Total Reboot

The DC Universe will reboot with over 50 new #1 issues, a Geoff Johns-Jim Lee Justice League, and the first of the major comic book publishers to fully embrace "same-day" digital distribution.

Jim Lee spearheaded the redesign of more than 50 costumes to make characters more "identifiable and accessible to comic fans new and old".

This all will begin in September.


Rock On!

World's Largest Hot Wheel Track Run


Via Nerd Approved


Illustrated Guide to Cockroaches



Emerging USA Epicenters

Via Wired digital iPad edition.

Tweet Me!

Growth Jobs Infographic

Concept Flight Travel

Big Ass Plane

"To answer the needs of larger, more fuel efficient, and more silent airplane, Phil Pauley has designed Monster Jumbo Aircraft. This Quad Deck Monster Jumbo concept has been designed to transport more people to further destinations with sustainability and environmental consideration in mind. If this design went into production, it would be the largest airplane in the world, capable of transporting 1,500 people half way around the world without the need for refuel. Identified by many as being similar in many ways to the “Hughes H-4 Hercules”, this Monster Jumbo is set for the record books if it receives suitable public and private support."



Paper Blossoms

This is a beautiful pop-up book. I purchased one as a gift and I wanted to keep it so badly.


Wired Magazine

Digital iPad Edition Free 

For subscribers to the print edition.

Interesting People...

Via Cosmo

Obsessorizing Over Menswear

D&G Camo Swimsuit 

Love 'em! Want a pair.


Put your paws up, Little Monsters!

Sergio Bustamente Resing Sculptures

Geekin' Awesome!

Found at Major Spoilers

Monday, May 30

Doctor Who's Tardis Infographic

Who now?


Some Random
Handsome Guy

Great hair.

Everybody in!

Cool Pool, Hot Guy

Beautiful teeth!

Memorial Day Salute

Retro Looking
Jonas Brother

I am lovin' the nautical motif lately.

God Bless, America!

What Next...Design

50 Creative Cards

At the link.


50 Tech Fails

From Apple Pippin to the Zune

LSH Universe Fan Art


Rabbitkadabra! from Rabbitkadabra! on Vimeo.

Trivial Pursuit

First Known Sci-Fi Author

The 2nd century Syrian author Lucian of Samosata was the earliest known science fiction author. True Story is tale about travelling to outer space, alien life-forms and interplanetary warfare.


Retro Space Travel Illustrations

Sunday, May 29

Who is this then?

Inked & Hot
I am not sure, but it really doesn't matter what his name is does it?

Another random hot guy?

In Camo Shorts

As a tv reality show personality once said,
"camo is my favorite color".

And this guy is...

Another Random
Handsome Dude

With a sexy beard.

iPhone Caes

The Waddler



Magnum Ice Cream?


Google: Seduced by the New...

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Junior Sanchez feat Good Charlotte

Elevator (Laidback Luke RMX

Now What? Music from Moguai

Beat the Drum

Sunday Noon Retro Tune

Target Stores In-Store Signage

This print /die-cut job for Target must have bought someone's wife a car and month stay in Tuscany.