Wednesday, February 28


Chris Richardson

He's my new imaginary reality TV boyfriend.


Saks 5th

Thank you for the locker room pic!



I am posting this for no other reason than just being so hot!

Tuesday, February 27



These are hot! I have an older pair of Spy sunglasses that I have had for 7 years. They are worth the extra money.



"Surround your opponents to win the most territories.
In this exciting strategy game, players challenge each other to win the most territories using colorful wooden rings. Find theright balance between gaining majorities and controlling your opponents to capture victory. Fast paced and addictive, this beautifully crafted game will be sure to please the whole family circle!"


Sc-Fi Fashion

This was in Wired Magazine. Of course I love Barbarella's boots too.

Wired Magazine image/info


The Affected Provincial's Companion

"Gentle reader: do you tire of the meager offerings set forth by our humdrum age? Do you seek to cultivate blooms of refinement and joy in your life’s garden? Lord Whimsy, as befitting his office as “Affected Provincial”, humbly offers himself as a guide to those who wish to transcend the banalities of modern existence. A diverse and hilarious collection of treatises, insightful essays, philosophical diagrams, saucy poetry and other amusing trifles, The Affected Provincial's Companion will inspire you to transform yourself into a living work of art, thus setting you upon a course towards that misty, faraway shore known to the ancients as Enchantment."


Major Tom Necklace

"This asymmetrical charm necklace is dedicated to the space program, drug rehab, David Bowie, and space diapers and the astronauts who wear them."

Saturday, February 24


JLA Movie?

A geekboy dream come true.



So, I can hook this up to my PS2 and play games on it. Cool!


Russell Kurniawan

MetroPop magazine had a layout about this artist. I am crazy for his work. Follow the link.

Friday, February 23


Christina vs Britney

Never being a Britney fan...well, enuf' said.



The concert the other evening with Chrisitna and the Pussy Cat Dolls was worth the money & the wait. Today I found a link to the new "Candyman" video. See it below or at


LaKisha on American Idol

Someone sings this song well and I am an instant fan.

NxtUp...Disney Trip

Buzz Lightyear Ride

In Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom there was a great ride themed on Buzz Lightyear. Two people rode in a car & you could spin the car with a joystick. While turning you had to use your laser cannon to shoot yellow circle with a "z" to score points. We rode it 3 times. It was like a giant videogame.

NxtUp...Disney Trip

Tin Toys

At the Japanese Pavillion in the World Showcase at EPCOT there was a huge display of tin toys. I took this for a desktop wallpaper. Ignore the flash.

NxtUp...Disney Trip


This was a cool poster at the Japanese Pavillion at the World Showcase. The eyes look like they are glowing from the flash.

NxtUp...Disney Trip


Me & my robot buddy.


Robot Plates

I am crazy for robot stuff. These are fun.


Superman's Fortress of Solitude

When I was a kid, I lived for stuff out of comics like this. I would draw my own cities, cars, ships & superheroes. I guess a lot of boys do. Anyhow, this was so neat to me. I came across it in a recent Action Comics Annual.

Thursday, February 22


Defected Series

This series of House Music is so damn good to me.

NxtUp...PSP Games


This may be good. The movie looks awesome!



Being a big homo, I will wear anything. I've never worn what every other guys wears, but this is too much even for me. Maybe in the year 2020, I would wear the cape jacket. It is kind of Victorian and I do romanticize that time period.


Just like us...

Continuing my fascination with Dubai. I came across this article in a men's retailers magazine. Fashion know no boundries.

Wednesday, February 21


El Tigre

This looks like fun for me. March 3 on Nick.

NxtUp..Chinese New Year

Year of the Boar

Happy new year, everyone!

NxtUp...Disney Trip

Pop Century

In our means and a place to relax. A far cry from the Animal Kingdom Lodge or swank Boardwalk, but fun all the same.
Pop Century is on the grounds and close to everything in the "World".

NxtUp...Disney Trip

Magic Kingdom

It is true, being there does make you feel like a kid again.

NxtUp...Disney Trip

Pirate & Princess Party

On one of the evenings we went to a 'private' party. Pirate or Princess attire suggested. Staff handed out maps to treasure
and a bag to carry your spoils. It was fun to 'argh' at kids for no reason.

NxtUp...Disney Trip


EPCOT has some great rides, Soarin', Mission Space & Test Track. Otherwise Disney need to reimagine their idea of a future community. It looked a little tired from what I remember it to be back in the late 90s. They did have a pumpkin shaped liked Mickey Mouse.

NxtUp...Disney Trip

MGM Studios

MGM was a great place to eat. The night we arrived, Eric & I ate at the Sci-Fi Dinner. Patrons sit in 'cars' and watch a loop of old sci-fi movies on a 'drive-in' screen, On one of the last days there we ate at a 50s type diner that was decorated with tons of 50's objects and old tv screens at tables. The parade of stars was cute to see. Being an adult you are so 'ho hum', but then the stars start driving by and you think to yourself 'ewwwh it's Buzz Lightyear'.

NxtUp...Disney Trip

Animal Kingdom

A big highlight was Animal Kingdom. This place was so well done. I loved it. We rode the safari ride three times over the seven days we were there. Disney has done such a nice job. The different areas have so much detail.

NxtUp...Disney Trip

World Showcase

This place still looks good after all this time. There is room for Holland and some other country.

NxtUp..Disney Trip

Lilo & Stitch

This was so super cute, I had to post it.

NxtUp...Disney Trip

Magic Kingdom

Something cool that we did not know was that there are photographers on the grounds that take your picture, scan a given
card with your barcode. You go online and buy and/or look at your pix. Disney added the ghost without our knowledge. Cute.

Tuesday, February 20


The Grammys

After being in Disney for a week I am just catching up with the world. I scanned thru the Grammys on Tivo and found MJB
looking fantastic in her red bell bottom jumpsuit. Love her.