Sunday, January 31

The best text ever...

My sister sent me a text about the Grammy Album of the Year.

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What Next...Our Lady Gaga

Double-Grammy Winner

Lady GaGa recieved two awards in the dance category during the pre-telecast. “Poker Face” beat out Madonna and Britney Spears for Best Dance Recording, and her debut album, The Fame, picked up the Best Electronic/Dance Album.


What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

(no words)

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Blue-Eyed Guy

His eyes are in HD.

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Dude

In orange.

What Next...Is it Just Me?

Separated at Birth

Post-Op Heidi Montag & Lady Penelope


Today's New York Times

Travel section predicted my Valentine's Week trip.


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What Next...Movie Mash-Up

Gone With the Wind

And Vampires.

Faux Trailer

What Next...Entertainment

RuPaul's Drag Race

New episodes begin tomorrow.


Sunday Noon Retro Tune

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Handsome Crooner

Michael Bublé! I have seen him Bublé sing before, but for some reason
I have become infatuated with him after seeing his performance on SNL.


Saturday, January 30

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

Another day, another hot guy.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Model

In a blue puffy jacket and great manbag.

What Next...Print

Junior Magazine

"Model-turned-actor Diego Cristo graces the cover of Junior magazine #15, photographed by Marcio del Nero."

Made in Brazil

What Next...Music

Made In Brazil

Oo-Ooh I Got A Rocket

1. Whataya Want From Me- Adam Lambert
2. Rocket- Goldfrapp
3. Your Love Is My Drug- Ke$ha
4. In My Head- Jeason DeRulo
5. Rude Boy- Rihanna
6. Monster- Lady Gaga
7. Do You Remember (Feat. Sean Paul & Lil' Jon)- Jay Sean
8. Fight For This Love- Cheryl Cole
9. Haven't Met You Yet- Muchael Bublé
10. Don't Rain On My Parade- Glee Cast
11. Speechless- Lady Gaga
12. Empire State Of Mind (Part II)- Alicia Keys
13. Imma Be- Black Eyed Peas
14. Memories (Feat. Kid Cudi)- David Guetta
15. Fireflies- Owl City
16. Soldier Of Love- Sade

Download at the link below.


If my blog had sponsors...

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Actor

Venezuelan Carlos Augusto Maldonado!


Mariah Carey - Up Out My Face ft. Nicki Minaj

Friday, January 29

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

In black & white and sexy all over.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Sizzlin' Hot Guy

Don't get too close. Whattt?

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Boy Wonder


What Next...Archictecture

"Heart of Africa" in Europe

“Heart of Africa” that will replicate rain-forest habitats of the African Congo. Located around the Chester Zoo in northern England, the 112 foot-high zoological attraction will feature a jungle canopy and provide shelter to different animals, including gorillas, chimps, okapi, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles. Spreading in 172,000 square feet area, the biodome is gonna be the Europe’s biggest conservation and animal attraction when it’ll open to the visitors in 2014."


What Next...Concept Vehicles

The Underwater Plane

Richard Branson sure knows how to spend his money.


“I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse.
I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.”

J.D. Salinger

What Next...Wearables

Historical Super-Heroes

SuperPunch posted this sweet t-shirt by Joshua Kemble.


What Next...InterWebz

Rainy Mood

A desktop white noise generator.


What Next...WebComics

Cleopatra in Spaaaace!

See it at the link.


Thursday, January 28

Lady Gaga - Teeth

What Next...Print

VMan Magazine

A fashion editorial 'How to Drss Like a Hero'.


What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Actor

Mark Salling!


What Next...iPad

Possible Names for the iPad 2.0

• iPod OB
• The Starbucks Attention-Getter
• iTouch Maximum
• iMac Minimum
• Apple Newton v2.0
• iPlacemat
• The Procrastinatrix
• Crotch TV
• $800 Coke Mirror
• iTheKindleCanSuckItBitch
• Steve Jobs' Lapsturbator

Original Link

What Next...Concept Architecture

1Km Buenos Aires Forum

"Torcello group, whose leader is the architect Julio Torcello, proposed to build the Buenos Aires Forum (BAF), a building that will have a 1 kilometer in height, beating the UAE.

The BAF will be an International Business and Communication Center, will be built as a tribute to the Bicentennial, with six platforms of 55 hectares and a tower of 1,000 m high in ‘Rio de la Plata’, will cost 3330 million dollars and will create 20,000 jobs."


Via Good Airs

What Next...iPhone

Lego Photo App

Take a pic and apply a Lego filter to it.


Yasmeen - Glad I Found You

What Next...Obsessorizing

Super Ciccio Eyeglasses

Recently, I bought a new pair of glasses. Eyegoodies filled my prescription and sent them to
me in a qucikly after I placed the order. I am wanting to debut them online once I get a haircut.

See you on Facebook.



Amazing animation for the 2010 Winter Olympics for BBC.

What Next...WWII Sci-Fi Tech

German Flying Saucers?

"The Haunebu models were larger discs ranging from 25 through 40 meters in diameter. That is 75 to 120 feet. They were powered by multiple-ganged energy units working together, like the AEG System, and these units also generated their own electro-gravitic field which neutralized the natural gravity around them, thus making the craft and all it carried essentially weightless. Experimental versions of this circular disc-shaped craft carried one to three 7.5 centimeter anti-tank cannon on their underside.

The cylindrical carrier craft were over 100' in diameter and could carry one or more of the Haunebu models and 3 or more of the smaller Vril models, all internally, and could launch and recover them in flight."

Read more at the link.


Contributed by MacGuru

Wednesday, January 27

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Joe Jonas

I have never paid much
attention until this pic, but
is he looking hot?


What Next...Retail

Tights for Dudes?

Someone at my office was looking for tights and she stumbled on this retail site that included tights for guys. Dancers I can see, but basketball and skating? I am not judging though.


Update: A dude named Scot mentioned these may be good fro crime-fighting. Cute. I wish I had thought of that first.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy


Pants on the Ground

MAD TV predicted it.

Steve Jobs came down from the mountain with his iPad!

iPad features:
• 9.7-inch multitouch screen
• 1 GHz A4 Apple-made processor
• Wi-Fi / 3G connectivity
• Bluetooth 2.1
• A Mic
• Speakers

iPad Pricing:
• 16 GB + WIFI: $499
• 2 GB + WIFI: $599
• 64 GB + WIFI: $699
• 16 GB + WIFI + 3G: $629
• 32 GB + WIFI + 3G: $729
• 64 GB + WIFI + 3G: $829

What Next...PS3

Heavy Rain

"Experience 'Four Days - The Heavy Rain Online Experience', a live online mystery that plays out in real time across three weeks, drawing you into the mystery and lore of the Heavy Rain universe. Between Tuesday and Friday every week there will be daily tasks for you to complete (leaving you the weekend to catch up if you fall behind). Each task will lead you to the next part of the journey. At certain key stages you will be prompted, while on other occasions you will need to deduce the right thing to do. You will receive an instructional email at the beginning of each of the three weekly events, and you can always turn to the Facebook Fan Page for help and discussion.

In order to get started, just visit, the official web site for Heavy Rain. There you will find more information about “Four Days”: The Heavy Rain Online Experience and can register to get started. Once you’ve registered, you will receive an e-mail that will set you on a journey into the mind of a possible serial killer, giving you a sneak peek into the mystery and story of Heavy Rain. The rain is already falling – start looking there for answers…


What Next...Gadgets

iTablet Early Leak

1. It's going to run on an iPhone OS - this means apps should be compatible across the two platforms, though there may be some issues with screen size.

2. The tablet will be able to run several apps simultaneously - not something you can do with the current iPhone system.

3. It's got a camera on the back and on the front making video-conferencing even easier and letting it go augmented reality. He described it as "super stable but nothing new".

4. The tablet is a gaming machine - two thumb pads on either side of the screen can be used for controls the device comes with and built-in apps like Farmville, the popular Facebook game. It's optimised for connecting with other computers over wifi for multi-player online games.

5. The screen is high-end OLED and has a solar panel on the back (though Calacanis claims this is a bit of a gimmick.)

6. The tablet connects up with wireless keyboards for inputting text and to TVs for when you want a big screen monitor.

7. Price will be: $599 (£371), $699 (£432) and $799 (£494) depending on size and memory in the tablet, Calacanis says.

8. Media: Oh and Calacanis also says it's great for reading articles on, as you might expect if the device does indeed have a OLED screen. He said he'd read the New York Times and Vanity Fair on it.

9. A fingerprint reader security device: it can be programmed to register up to five users by their fingerprints per device.

10. Battery life: apparently it's great in eBook mode but slips down to 2-3hrs in wifi or gaming mode.


Garuda from Andres Salaff on Vimeo.

What Next...Comics

DC Universe Beefcake

And you make think "what the hell is happening there?'. This 'Zardoz' looking visitor from another planet is attempting to romance Power Girl in issue number 8.


What Next...Sports

Australian Open

Nadal drops out because of an injury, but he looks good in orange.


What Next...Comics

Escape from Krypton

Routes of the Superman Family.



Tuesday, January 26

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

In black.

What Next...Orange Eye®

For the Hot Guy

In boardshorts.