Friday, August 31


My Palette

This swipe was saved from the out of print Shop Magazine. I loved the tribute so much that I had saved the tear for years. If you care to see more orange go to the linkage.

30 Orange Sites

HIV/AIDS Awareness

My domestic partner has been with a community health organization that combats HIV/AIDS especially underprivileged communities. The magazine POZ had this article about a superhero group named the O+Men by Digital Noixe Publishing. A band of HIV-positive crime fighters that gained powers from an AIDS antidote gone awry. I have been unable to find anything else on the inter-web about it the O+Men, but below is a link to the clinic.




This is so hard to do well. I like it and I am doing the left today with a tie. This image was out of Cargo Magazine. No longer published,but missed.


NY Times Photography

I managed to save this article from the Times and I believe it was published last year. It is almost like a storyboard for a film. The woman is confronting rebel forces in Liberia.

NY Times



This was published in Complex last year. I saved it in my files because the page was done so well.




This was published in a magazine that is no longer around. It has been over 6 or 7 years and at one time I had the image framed at my office. The illustrator is Kirsten Ulve.

Kirsten Ulve



This character was created by me and illustrated by Craig White. See Craig's commercial portfolio at his site below.

Craig White


Belkin Notebook Case

This would make a great portfolio sleeve too.




Salud… kampai, Γ  votre santΓ©, le'chaim, prost, cheers. Six handblown glasses raise spirits in a half-dozen world languages expressed in graphic red, black, silver.

Via SwissMiss



Being a graphic REdesigner for a corporation & dealing with the nuances of cyan, magenta, yellow & black I think this is great. Casual Friday would have new meaning if I wore this.

Via SwissMiss

NxtUp...Actors Re-Post

Shasta Lusk

My nephew, Evaristo Castillo, passed Shasta Lusk at a park one day in Austin. Later they met as extras on the set of a Colin Farrell
movie. They eventually become a couple even & appeared in a film "Tom's Wife" together. Shasta has left for Hollywood to
find fame. I wish her the best.

See more of her at or on imdb. My nephew, Evaristo, is on imdb as well, but he needs to send in a pic.


Moondance Film Festival

Shasta's video "Super Bubbles" was selected for the Moondance Film Festival. "As Jeter searches for happiness by remembering his childhood, and re-living what made him happy as a child, blowing bubbles, his search for a certain joy becomes an adventure in trying to make other people happy, too. Shasta Lusk, writer-director, executive producer, Fred Leicht, co-writer & producer, Calley Hollen, cinematographer/DP, Jeter Crutchfield, original music/composer."




This obscure character from Marvel Universe's Imperial Guard is a counterpart to my favorite LSH character Dawnstar.

Check out other lesser known characters at the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe.


Thursday, August 30



Sci-fi-monster-mayhem camp film named Dragon Wars. The perfect rainy Saturday can't go out and play movie.

View Trailer


Shelving "Quad"

How cool is this?!



Nice Graphics

Espresso is prepared by forcing hot water through finely ground dark-roast coffee beans. Think of it is strong, concentrated coffee. You can add extra ’shots’ of espresso to make your drink stronger.



Hop Pops

The Hop Pops are just a cute bunch of toys that you put on the desktop geekosphere and react to sound all in unison. They keep popping their heads up and down for no reason. The Hop Pops are available as a frog, rabbit, panda, duck, monkey or bear, each for $17 or as a whole set for $88


Wednesday, August 29



RoadKillTshirts-dot-com has hundres of t-shrts that are also available as mousepads for your office geekosphere.

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Fall Films

Great resource for future films.

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Sony Phone

"The Sony Ericsson gaming boss, Peter Ahnegard, said that a PlayStation-branded gaming phone would be coming by Christmas." Which Chrsitmas is anyone's guess.

Via Gizmodo


Wireless HDMI

When you catch up with technology it changes once again. "Amimon showed us its WHDI (Wireless High Definition Interface) working perfectly at last January's CES and today the company is shipping that chipset to manufacturers of TVs, projectors and other consumer electronics products. That's fine, but the big deal is that they've confirmed that 1080p over wireless is a go/"

Source Gizmodo


What a Teez

Is this kind of like contextual sex?

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Universal Gear

This site is full of eye candy for gay men and het ladies. I have been to a brick & mortar store in D.C. I find something there everytime I stop in.

Universal Gear


Paper Shredder

Of course I like the orange one. I could use it to shred notes at work from my co-workers.

Lots of fun stuff at perpetualkid-dot-com


Tuesday, August 28


Free Hot Spot

Get your game on wherever you are with T-Mobile HotSpot even for non T-mobile customers?

Now, at thousands of T-Mobile HotSpot locations nationwide, you can unleash the power of your PSP system. Play the latest T-Mobile HotSpot compatible PSP games with friends around the world via wireless access on your time and your turf.

It's easy to kick off your six-month trial period. Just download the latest system software update to your PSP, login at your local T-Mobile HotSpot, choose the "Use Wireless HotSpot" option and follow the instructions to get connected. Look for the T-Mobile HotSpot logo on PSP system-compatible games.

Via Gizmodo


Aromatherapy Pens

One end is a smooth-writing ballpoint; the other dispenses pure Swiss essential oils for the healing power of aromatherapy. Simply twist off the secure cap and a mini roller ball applies the soft, subtle scent to a pulse point or to seal a letter.

Source ThisNext


Orange Hollow Table

ollow from Lebello is an ottoman with an open frame that allows books or objects to be placed in the center. The design structure allows the piece to be placed on any of its four sides. Available in a variety of fun color combinations with a bright inner accent color. Made from polycarbonate plastic strings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.



Book of General Ignorance

Full of real answers to a number of less-than-burning questions-camels store fat, not water, in their humps; only five out of every 100,000 paper clips are used to clip papers; the first American president was in fact Peyton Randolph-that you nevertheless may be embarrassed to have completely wrong.




French electronic duo's Daft Punk Alive 2007 will hit stores Nov. 20, including single of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger." The album will not, however, include a DVD that will show off the spectacular multimedia element of the duo's set. Daft Punk also has a low-budget film called Electroma that has been screening at various US cities in the past month. The film, which builds on the duo's robot motif, will hit stores on DVD in January on Vice.



Helios Gene Gun

This is very sci-fi. What are the future applications of something like this?
The Helios Gene Gun is a new way for in vivo transformation of cells or organisms (i.e. gene therapy and genetic immunization aka DNA vaccination. This gun uses Biolistic particle bombardment where DNA- or RNA-coated gold particles are loaded into the gun and you pull the trigger. A low pressure helium pulse delivers the coated gold particles into virtually any target cell or tissue. The particles carry the DNA so that you do not have to remove cells from tissue in order to transform the cells.

Via Wired Magazine


Booster Seat

More stuff for the Moms...Light-weight, soft, durable, washable, form-fitting foam.

Loft Party


Wind-up Muscle Man

Want to have some fun with a desktop toy? Buy your own muscle man to workout while you don't.


Monday, August 27


Umbrella Academy

My comic retailer did not pull this for me and I was peeved, but then I found out that is was a free comic on Free Comic Day 2007. At least I can read it on-line at Dark Horse. "Conceived and written by Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance), The Umbrella Academy features interior art by Gabriel BΓ‘ (Casanova) and Dave Stewart (Hellboy) and covers by multiple-Eisner-Award-winning artist James Jean (Fables). The Umbrella Academy debuts with a 12-page story set before the start of the upcoming series." Thanks to the fine folks at

Dark Horse


The Viagra Ring

Just in case...the Viagra Ring.

Source ThisNext


Black Summer

If you enjoy comics, you should read Black Summer from Avatar Press. "The American military machine is mobilised in pursuit of John Horus -- and his one-time comrades. Withheld information and misplaced anger leads to open fire in the streets of the city that the Seven Guns came from, and the hammer of the wrath of the government and the people is about to come down on five people who, just twenty four hours ago, were at best forgotten heroes."

Avatar Press

NxtUp...Man Crush

Steven Andren

Swedish born, 35 year old design director of Nike's TechLab electronic incubator & his own Krown Lab.

Via Men's Journal


Metal Gear Solid

This game was looking like another tired sequel until I saw a preview on G4TV's Attack of the Show.



Tiny Orange Fan

Super-cute for a workspace.



This game is looking better and better all the time. Check out the official site.

Haze Site


Crazy for "Valerie"

Off of Mark Ronson's CD Version this is Amy Winehouse with The Zutons singing "Valerie".



10,000 BC

Weeks ago I downloaded this trailer from the PlayStation Network onto my PS3 and I just got around to watching it.
Effing awesome! Apocalypto & 300 have created a new genre of film and I could not be more entertained.

10,000 BC

Ghost Recon: Advanced WarFighter 2

I played this PS3 game hs weekend and it rocks. Normally, I do not like the war game but this is very cool.


Sunday, August 26


Love Sweet Sound

Groove Armada's CD Soundboy Rock has this fantastic cut named "Love Seet Sound".




Create your own music or connect to an iPod or other music source using a standard jack. Use 6 sculptures to activate a different sound at each position. Adjust the tempo, change the volume or add cool studio effects.

Zizzle Zounds


Oliver Sweeney

Luvz me'sum shooz like deez!




This teapot is beautiful. Lots of lovely things at the site it is listed at.




Sometimes I wish I were straight and then I would not want things like this $600 necklace.

J. Ransom



Ransom because you have to hold someone ransom to buy thi shirt, but I do like it..

Product Dose

Saturday, August 25


Real Wood Finish TeeVee

HANNSlounge is sure to set the standard for luxuriously designed electronics by combining sophisticated design and modern details, such as a sturdy polished chrome base, subtle chrome details and sloping curves that seem to flow into a rich mahogany wood finish.

By Hannspree


Pony Satchel

Love it!