Sunday, April 29



Attention comic nerds...DVD movie release in September.

Friday, April 27


Silver Chair

Orange goes so well with silver.


Sci-fi WWII Robot

For the geeks like me this is a cool 3D animation.



An imaginative and unpredictable artist, Vladimir Kush, is following in the steps of Salvador Dali creating glowing, wildly original landscapes.

Thursday, April 26


Pencil Sculptures

Take a look at this crazy art at the link below.



The Tölt line, created by Michael Young pays homage to the design of the seventies and eighties, while the perforated table tops are organic in form. It is an outdoor collection but it would be a great workspace indoors.

Wednesday, April 25


Pedal Bowl

A pedal that can be pushed down and a lid similar-looking to that of a toilet seat lifts up. Let the pedal go and the lid closes back down protecting to food and eliminating the smell.

NxtUp...Search Engine


The novel "Heyday" lead me to wonder what books I had read on the Edwardian/Victorian Era. Today, I found this search engine that looks for books related to one another. Of the books I have read involving that Ageabd of the sci-fi or non-fiction drama genre like Thunderstruck, The Diamond Age, The Difference Engine, Glass Books of the Dream Eaters & Devil in the White City, they seemed to correlate to each other.

Check it out below. It works for music, games DVDs.



Madcatz Wireless Thumpad

Yearning for a PS3, I saw this add-on thumpad. Someday I will be able to get one.

Yes, you can send me cheese for my whine.


Habitable Planet Gliese?

European scientists believe they have found the first Earth-like planet beyond our solar system. It orbits a red dwarf star and is estimated to be 50% larger than Earth also making it the smallest planet found outside the solar system. Gliese as it's been named is located in the constellation Libra 20.5 lightyears away. Gliese orbits its sun 14 times closer than Earth does to its sun. A year just lasts 13 Earth days and gravity may be twice as strong. Although it's closer to its sun in proximity, dwarf stars aren't nearly as bright. This puts Gliese in the habitable zone with temperatures ranging from 32º - 104º F, perfect for liquid water. Unfortunately we have no technology to traverse the great distance in our lifetime. Instead scientists are using super powered telescopes and theory to determine how much of the planet might be liquid and how much might be solid rock.



Socialsexuals is a term to describe the 5 different groups of men who's identity can be easily characterized by their look and lifestyle. In general they share some common characteristics. They're stylish and fashion conscious. They're sometimes mistaken for and labeled gay. They are also better groomed than the "average" man. Most importantly, each one makes a bold statement. They stand out and that's why I call them Statesmen. So here's my breakdown of who's who and what's what in order of appearance.

They're the rarest of the socialsexuals. They have a strong desire to constantly learn thus their whole identity is fueled by it. Intellect is their modus operandam. They have a wonderful sense of self even tho they may not be as physically attractive as other socialsexuals. Their clothes are relaxed and harken to a collegiate life. Edusexuals possess the unique ability to mix and match clothes that seemingly don't match. Their grooming habits are also more relaxed. They keep their faces clean shaven and trim their body hair. The most they do with their hair is leave-conditioner and a light texturizer. Edusexuals are mostly found in suburban or college towns away from the big cities.

The ubersexuals are often confused with metrosexuals but they deserve a classification all their own. For starters, they're all incredibly fit. Their hairless bodies are chiseled and muscular thanks to a personal trainer. They're well traveled, cultured and incredibly respectful. They usually wear their hair short and keep it clean cut - nothing too fussy. Clothing is body conscious, usually tailored and expensive. They all share an affinity for high fashion and have no problems sporting large man-bags which contain water, vitamins, extra clothing, hand creme, lip conditioner, cologne and a smaller bag. Their skin is flawless from countless hours spent with a befriended Dermatologist and Cosmetologist. The most distinguishing characteristic of an ubersexual is confidence - the most dynamic, masculine, stylish, uncompromising and intimidating of all socialsexuals. They can be found in large cities in upper-class neighborhoods.

The most well known of all socialsexuals, the metrosexual can be characterized as having an obsession with their appearance - sometimes grooming well beyond anything nature intended. Examples are shaped eyebrows, tans, styled and color treated hair. This misleads people to label them gay. They also follow trends more so than any other socialsexual spending a significant amount of money on clothing. This also extends into their lifestyle habits. They're trendy and always want the newest, hottest and latest. Some metrosexuals also wear make-up, not to hide flaws, but to accentuate their features. They also love accessories as it further helps distinguish their look. They stand out in crowds and are often admired by many women. Metrosexuals were once only found in urban cities but are now so prolific, can be found anywhere.

They're one of the newer statesmen to arrive on the scene. A number of recent events led to their birth, namely organic clothing finally reaching high fashion and the current trend to "go green". They're characterized as being extremely eco-friendly and environmentally conscience. Their morals and principals dictate their lifestyle which sets them apart from other socialsexuals. All clothing comes from organic cottons, hemp and other plant fibers. Their shoes come from a blend of plant fibers and recycled materials like plastic. They're fashionable but not as loud as other socialsexuals since their clothes only use organic dyes and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Totes and man-bags also come standard but again, only made from plant fibers or recycled materials. They're well groomed but the most relaxed of all socialsexuals, sometimes letting facial grow beyond the 12 o'clock barrier. Their most notable characteristic is the need to talk, sometimes preach the values of conservation and research for clean energy. Expect their homes to use the most energy efficient appliances and if they're not driving a hybrid, you'll find them riding a bike. They're mostly found in the west and north west United States and parts of Scandinavia.

This statesmen is not the geek or nerd many mislabel them as. They have a strong aesthetic sense just like other socialsexuals but also have a love for gadgets and technology. They're technophiles that have become metrosexual. They're characterized by having not only tons of gadgets, but the desire to have the latest and greatest. Like other socialsexuals, they have deep pockets but spend most it on electronics instead of clothes. They're technology's early adopters. What makes them technosexuals are the grooming and fashion habits found in other socialsexuals. Clothes are important but they prefer the casual approach. They care about their hair and skin just the same but again, take the relaxed approach. They don't heavily accessorize like metrosexuals but their man-bags are all about utility, often eschewing designer names for something that charges all their electronic goodies inside. The technosexual is hard to find in the wild since it detaches them from their computers, but many can be found online chatting. Many of them also have their own blogs and love to post their thoughts all over the blogsphere. Speaking of which, only technosexuals understand terminology like "blogsphere, AJAX, mark-up, IPTV, solid state memory, etc.


Louis Vuitton

Robot & spaceship charms! Love 'em.

Tuesday, April 24



One of my favorite movies of all time finally is released on DVD this next Tuesday.


The Vesuvius Club

Books on the Victorian & Edwardian eras are fascinating to me. The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss is best described as James Bond from the Edwardian era. Lucifer Box, is described as a "portrait painter, wit, dandy and rake". But that's all a cover for his main occupation as a government agent and state-sponsored killer. Box is called upon to look into the mysterious disappearance of two of the country's leading scientists.



Has anyone else read this? I am engrossed by it. "Like a long-lost literary treasure. Heyday is too hard to put down. If its ripping plot twists don't hook you, then youíre bound to be snared by the scads of riveting historical details. It'll be just as enjoyable in 150 years as it is today.' Yes, another Victorian era book set in England and the early US.


On-line Clock

Art comes in all forms. This is quite nice.


Karim Rashid

One of favorite designers (the only one I have shook hands with) has created these effin' cool refillable Ronson Spindle lighters.


Paisley Dishware

My gawd! I love this pattern.

60s Kitchen

It's a complete "Daintymaid" Kitchen from 1969 and includes a combination of 14 Base and wall mounted cupboards, all with bright orange doors in a gloss finish with aluminium edge handle strip. Drawer fronts are in gloss white and the worktop is pale grey marble formica.

Monday, April 23


Chicago Spire

To be the tallest building in North America. Santiago Calatrava's 2,000 ft. "Chicago Spire" has come one step closer to reality. The building would become North America's tallest skyscraper, surpassing its next tallest rival, Chicago's Sears Tower, by 550 feet.


Giant Pink Bunny

If you’re hiking through Italy’s Northern mountains over the next 20 years, don’t be surprised if you run across this 200 foot tall pink bunny. An art group from Vienna designed this massive toy, claiming it was “knitted by dozens of grannies out of pink wool”.,7.769759&z=18

Friday, April 20


Go, Super Friends, Go!

Rich with humor. See for yourself at the link below.


Planet Earth

If you are not watching this, you should be. It is amazing. See the attached clip on the Bird of Paradise.


Self Promotion

Take a look at this clever site someone made to promote themselves.

Thanks to BFF, Maura for info.


Baby Boy

One of my BFFs from my old job at Oshman's had this beautiful baby boy, Mason. Michelle is a beautiful redhead with blue eyes and her son takes after her.

Thursday, April 19

NxtUp...Geek Nirvana


Sharing is my thing, so let me share this treasure chest of information with you.
Hundreds of website for just about everything you never knew you needed for your Mac or PC.



Every game you play is comprised of a set of rules that change the outcome. The rules and goal may change over & over. By collecting the correct cards during a set, you win. It is lots of fun. I have not played it in awhile, but it is good fun for 2 or 4.


Vitamin Coke?

"Everything You Love About Diet Coke 'plus' 5 Essential Nutrients!"


Rocket Table Lamp

This site has some great stuff of good prices.

NxtUp...Doris Duke

Shangri La Hawaii Style

Built in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1937, Shangri La overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Diamond Head and houses Doris Duke�s collection of Islamic art. Of Duke's many residences, Shangri La is the only one that she built from the ground up and filled from the inside out.

Shangri La borrows architectural elements and artistic sensibilities from regions of the Islamic world, and blends them with a distinctly Hawaiian landscape that features sweeping ocean views, exotic gardens and a 75-foot saltwater pool.

The whole tour is almost a half day. That is a lot of time when there is so much fun to be had in the sun. It would be awfully wonderful to see though.


Caress Body Wash

This new product is great and is a unique fusion with a blend of white lotus cream and kukui nut oil.

NxtUp...My New Crush

Dierk Bentley

Country music isn't my favorite genre, but this morning I saw this redhead singer on the Today Show.

Wednesday, April 18


Rob021c aka RobOrange

If I say to you "do tangerine, mango, carrot, rust, pumpkin, salmon, coral, apricot, carrot, peach, paprika, brick, rust, saffron, copper" do you think 'orange"? Orange of course! The orange, or the orange one as good French of the Arab “narandj”

Its name comes to him naturally from the fruit eponyme, but one does not call it like since XIV century, date of the first imports of orange trees in Europe.

In Christendom, the orange is associated the revelation of the universal love. It is also symbol of fidelity, or insoluble marriage when it is placed in the bride's bouquet. On the Irish flag, the orange one symbolizes the Protestant religion, in opposition to the green which represents the Catholic religion.

In the Hindouism, it is a representation of the purifying fire of the body and passions, a symbol of the release. For Buddhism, the orange one represents 2nd will chakra human body, that which establishes the link between the creativity and the dynamism.

In the interpretation of the dreams on the other hand, the orange one would be an emblem of the lust, an expression of the need for expansion and pleasure, an inversion of the Christian symbolic system.

In policy, since the Gregorian revolution, the orange became political color of freedom. It is the same in Ukraine, Israel and in Lebanon.

Lastly, to return to the Western culture, the orange one is used like color of indication of a danger. Indeed, it is about one of the colors which the man sees best. This hyper-visibility is then used for the waistcoats and lifeboats, of the building sites, and other situations where the risk and the visibility are dependent.

Orange is my badge.

Tuesday, April 17

NxtUp...Metal Work

Mathematical Metal Sculpture

Crazy! These are mindbending.
NxtUp...Baby Girls

Maura's Twins

My BFF, Maura, has a pair of beautiful baby girls. I used to work with Maura, but for years she has had an awesome job at NASA.
How cool is that? Oshman's may be long gone, but it made lifelong friends out a lot of us.


Wonderpus Octopus

This sea creature was on Disovery Channel's "Planet Earth". The stripes are awesome. Nature is amazing.


Alphabet Poster

This is so cute for a baby's room or a big kid like me.

Monday, April 16


Fruit Ring

When you don't have enough space to store your a fruit ring.

Info via Payam


Roche BoBois

The shown was a cover of a brochure that was in my NY Times this weekend. I love this room with all the books.


Tom Ford

Tom Ford is finally opening his Flagship store on Madison Ave. in Manhattan. Being uber
broke I am unable to afford this luxury line, but I admire it. The shown suit is so
beautiful to me.

Time magazine image.

Sunday, April 15


Time's 100

Good design is everywhere these days. Great design—the objects, places and ideas that fuse functionality and aesthetics and then push the boundaries a step further to capture the imagination—is more elusive. Take a look at the standouts.,28757,1609195,00.html


Pen with Paper

Dayumit! Why didn't I think of this?

Friday, April 13

NxtUp...Medrano Twins

Adorable & Dapper

My goodness,my second cousins are cute. No wonder...look at their Mom.

NxtUp...Bobba Fett?

US Miltary Armor

Pentagon's Future Warrior Concept are a powerful exoskeleton, a self-camouflaging outer layer that adapts to changing environments and a helmet which translates a soldier's voice into any foreign language


Fortress of Solitude

The Naica mine was first discovered by early prospectors in 1794 south of Chihuahua City. They struck a vein of silver at the base of a range of hills called Naica by the Tarahumara Indians. The origin in the Tarahumara language seems to mean "a shady place". Perhaps here in the small canyon there was a grove of trees tucked away by a small canyon spring.

The Naica Mine of Chihuahua, Mexico, is a working mine that is known for its extraordinary crystals. Naica is a lead, zinc and silver mine in which large voids have been found, containing crystals of gypsum as large as 4 feet in diameter and 50 feet long. The chamber holding these crystals is known as the Crystal Cave of Giants, and is approximately 1000 feet down in the limestone host rock of the mine. The crystals were formed by hydrothermal fluids emanating from the magma chambers below. The cavern was discovered while the miners were drilling through the Naica fault, which they were worried would flood the mine. The Cave of Swords is another chamber in the Naica Mine, containing similar large crystals.

This looks like Superman's Fortress of Solitude to me.


Trash Bag

Reversible bag with photo print of trash on one side and natural canvas on the other.
Yes, I like this. I am an extrovert.

Thursday, April 12


Paper Thin Monitors

Sony announced they will be producing OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs before year's end. OLEDs can be made thinner and lighter than other technologies, meaning Sony's first OLED TV will be eleven inches across, and 3 millimeters thick. This will be followed by a 27-incher that's less than a centimeter in depth.


Get Smart Remake

USA Today has posted the first shot of Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in-costume for their roles as Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 in the movie remake of the Cold War sitcom Get Smart. Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway are perfect casting.

US Today image/info.



Coke has been busy bringing you prodcuts you never knew you needed, like this beauty tea in conjunction with L'Oreal. Lumaé is a tea-based drink, with ingredients that will help women look after their skin. Apparently it will be sold with beauty products rather than drinks and could be sitting on the shelves of your local department store next to the creams and lotions.