Thursday, March 31

What Next...Orange Crush 
On the Hot Cop  

"Cuff me, Officer Hunt!"

What Next...Orange Crush 

On the Hot Dude  


hat Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

He must be on the big ti#@ie commitee.

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Handsome Guy    

Wojciech Sฤ™dziak!

Via ThisNext

Google Honors Robert Bunsen

With an animated giff.
Seduced by the New... is number one on Google. Bam!

What Next...iPhone


Download an app and some content, then attach the iPhone to the end of the viewer goggle-thing by means of a special bracket (there’s one for every iPhone or iPod touch model). It sits securely in there and shows the two stereo images, which the goggles make into one awesome, totally self-contained 3D content. 

Introduces you to the exciting world of MY3D, showcasing 3D movie trailers, cool video demos of additional my3D apps, slide shows and more. MY3D PRESENTS… is updated regularly on your device as new content is available for you to sample.

Explore and hunt the living ocean through the eyes of a shark! MY3D 360° SHARKS immerses you in an underwater shark adventure. Choose your shark and then roam underwater, exploring and hunting for new species of prey. As you explore, search for treasure, shipwrecks and other surprises, and learn about the species around you. You can even break the surface to see the upper world. With six unique environments, there is always a new adventure around the next reef.

Welcome to MY3D SECTOR 17, a one-of-a-kind 3D, 360 degree shooter game in which you are the galaxy’s last defense. Assume your role at the gunner station, select from an arsenal of weapons, and stop all enemies as they approach. Move fast because danger comes from above, below, and behind you. Watch out for asteroids! With 22 incredible 3D levels including an “endless” survivor mode, cool bosses, upgrades, and multiple weapons, it’s time for you to dominate the battle.

With my3D Teleport L.A. you can explore exciting Los Angeles attractions anytime and anywhere…like you’re really there! This unique 360°, 3D interactive virtual tour allows you to experience L.A. from the Santa Monica Pier. You can simply explore or play fun interactive games. You’ll love your visit to Los Angeles!

Welcome to the wacky world of MY3D BUBBLE BOLT! Become a Fish, Shark, or Starfish and navigate your way past obstacles by tilting and moving your viewer. This frenzied puzzle game is easy to learn, highly addictive and provides endless fun with 25 3D levels. Watch out and don’t fall off the edge, or your bubble will drop into the sea!

The next generation of racing takes place in 3D tunnels underground. This futuristic game allows you to compete against other hover vehicles by tilting and turning your MY3D viewer. Use your cache of weapons to battle for supremacy in land, sea, and air. But, you will need quick reflexes to avoid steel door traps, and enemy racers on 12 unique racetracks. Choose from one of six racers. Do you have what it takes to be the best in this 3D reflex-testing racing game?

Defend the galaxy from the invasion of the drones. As humanity’s last hope in this futuristic pilot shooter, you’ll need fast reflexes and an even faster trigger finger to save the galaxy from dangerous enemies with a deadly array of attacks. Rack up points by destroying enemies quickly in succession and earning multipliers. Compete for the top spot on the high score list as you play 60 challenging levels that transform as you progress.

Available at Target April 3 for $35. 


What Next...Animation
Soul Man 

An animated movie from France set in a world of cyber-funk in the vein of 1970's black action pics, with a sci-fi beat.

Where will I be able to see this?  It looks awesome!

Trailer Here & Source

Big Jim Cruising The Castro

What Next...Design

Roku Skins  

If it is not apparent by now, I love 'wood'. Slick Wraps now has faux bois wraps for your ugly Roku box.

Contributed by MacGuru

What Next...InterWebz

Simple Desktops  

Assorted graphic wallpapers for your desktop.


What Next...Vehicles

2011 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

"When it goes on sale, the Murano CrossCab will run you $46,390 (and $500 more if you opt for the Camel or Cashmere interior. Yes, that's a full $5,300 more than the top of the line Murano LE, but it includes the navi and Bose systems."



Expect to read 'squirmish' in the dictionary next year.

Wednesday, March 30

What Next...Orange Crush 

On the Hot Guy  

My gawd! Those legs.

hat Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

In black and white.

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

That's how it starts...I have a couple
of shots and I turn into a Casanova.

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

Cute, cute, cute!

OMG! No helmet!

Rihanna Loves A Good Spanking


Contributed by b.white

Tiny Hat Trend

Wonder Woman

MEME of the Day

Fearsome Size Chart

Japan Crisis Icon

What Next...Gadgets

Braille Text Reader 

The Haptic Braille is a mouse-like device that’s capable of translating ordinary text into braille on its surface. This means that the blind can read virtually anything the sighted can. The technology uses optical character recognition. Simply skim it over any text and wait for the haptic feedback

Tuesday, March 29

What Next...Orange Crush 

On the Hot Guy 

Am I dreaming?

What Next...Orange Crush 

On the Hot Guy  

With his iPhone.

What Next...Orange Crush 

On a Jo Bro 


Spider-Man's Crack

Super Hero Profile

Wonder Woman of Color

Social Media Detox InfoGraphic

So cute it's sick.

If my blog had sponsors...

I would guess that by now you have said to yourself "what the hell?".


What Next...Obsessorizing 

iPhone Card Case

Available at (*) Speck.


Bots & Bobs

I appreciate this collage of objects.

Monday, March 28

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy


What Next...Orange Crush

On the Unreal Guy


What Next...Orange Crush 
On 'Bruce Banner'   

OMG! He is about to HULK out!

Pic Via

Jessie J

Do It Like A Dude

Dude Meets Dude InfoGraphic

Vintage Media Mash-Up

What Next...Apps
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

More about the exploration than the battles.


Groove Armada

Paper Romance

What Next...Art & Comics


"Superman long believed that he was the sole survivor of his doomed planet. But one day he discovered that Kandor, a Kryptonian city, had remained intact thanks to an Brainiac who had miniaturized it (and placed it in a bell jar).

The artist Mike Kelley’s book “Kandors”, which was released this week, is a photographic chronicle of his decade-long work reproducing various depictions of Kandor. The images are eerie, colorful and delicate."


Super Hero Profile

Pentagon Boondoggle InfoGraphic

So cute it's sick.

Sunday, March 27

Gender Equailty Workout

Via Gaytrix

What Next...Orange Crush 

On the Hot Guy    

(no words)

What Next...Orange Crush

On the Hot Guy

Hating the hat & love the inky biceps!