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There it is.




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One-Eyed Shark*

"The shark, nicknamed “Cycloptomus” by its captors was an unborn pup that was removed from a large female bull shark captured off of Mexico in the Sea of Cortez. The shark was already dead by the time it was removed from its large female bull shark mother. If it had been found alive, it would undoubtedly spent its entire life in an aquarium."

*Not a euphemism.

Lunchtime Cutie

For the straight dudes.


Google: Seduced by the New...

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DC Comics Universe Relaunch News

Mister Terrific

This character will be starring in
his own book beginning this September. I am kind of looking forward to it.


Drunk again...

Someone needs an intervention.

The History of English (9/10)

Don't call it a comeback...

Smurfnificent in Marc Jacobs
Smurfect in Lanvin
Smurftastic in Dolce
Smurfy in Vuitton


Rebooting her career and back on the scene modeling in Harper's Bazaar.
Watch the trailer her new movie, The Smurfs.

Denying all the rumors of a diva-like attitude, Smurfette looks forward to
future roles, her own reality show and gettin' smurfy with some guido smurfhead.


Fierce Soldiers

Kabul Hotel Siege

"The attack by nine insurgents on Kabul's InterContinental hotel began late Tuesday and concluded nearly six hours later, when a North Atlantic Treaty Organization helicopter fired on the last surviving militants on the roof of the building."

In no way am I making light of this situation, but this image looks like a press pic for a movie.
The photographer is sure to win some sort of award for this iconic journalistic image.


Get with the App!

Cargo Runners

"A thirty minute 2-4 player traditional board game for family and friends. Trouble Brothers’ second originally designed game for iPad, Cargo Runners is played on a beautifully designed map of the world. The object of the game is to captain a ship that must journey around the globe racing to gather cargo as you compete for valuable contracts that earn you victory."

8USD at iTunes

Fan Film

The Rocketeer 20th anniversary from John Banana on Vimeo.

So cute it's sick.

The internet is full of cats.

Becky Driestad Illustrations

Wednesday, June 29


Beat Federer at Wimbledon? Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is my hero!


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Settle down now...


Well, Hey!

What is up? What is up!

Via NSFW Mechadude

Music from Mastadon


Dude Cheerleading in China

1. Cheerleading in China?   2. Red, white & blue?
3. American music?   4. Am I a racist?
Via Towleroad

This July 11 on Discovery Channel

Don't be surprised to learn of Man vs. Wild
viewing parties that night in the Gay community.



On the Beach

In black!

What Now?

Random Crush

On a very hot redhead.


DC Universe Relaunch News

Animal Man Redesign

Read full article and more about Animal Man and the DC Universe relaunch at the link.


Visual Therapy

This is my response to a general statement I heard at work yesterday.
I won't repeat what was said, but know I am trying to combat the visual this new mantra:

Well, you can lick my ice cream cone while riding a rainbow color
pegasus over a cloud of pink cotton candy!

Yes, you may quote me.

Drunk Toddler Without Tiara

Random iPad Wallpaper

Obsessorizing Over Shoes

Camo Brogues

"Due for release in the next few months at A Bathing Ape stores, the brogues will sell for ¥37,590 (approximately $467 USD)."


Gadgets & Googaws

Mimobot USB Drives

These things are really cute to me.


Obsessorizing Over Eyewear

Karen Walker Eyewear

If I were a lady instead a of 'whur'.
I would want these in my collection
of outrageous eyewear.


Tuesday, June 28

Interesting People...

A Bit Much

Being guilty of not dressing to blend in, I think people at my office look at me this way.

MTV's Target Audience...

Teen Wolf 

A) Teen Girls
B) Cougars
C) Gay Men

Neither of these two are even the star of the show. I am wondering why I am not DVRn' this show.



Hot & Hairy Dude



Can I get a...

What, what?

Perfection Rises from the Sea

Fantastic Use of Candles & Paper

That is what she said...

My Awesome In-Laws of 14-Years

Honorary Grand Marshalls of the 2011 Houston Gay Pride Parade. E and I met on Gay Pride Day
14-years ago today. E's parents have been nothing but wonderful since the day I met them both.

HIV/AIDS InfoGraphic for a Cure

Animated Infographic

Who is this handsome actor?

D. J. Cotrona

D.J. is in "negotiations to play beret-wearing, gun-toting warrant officer Flint in the new G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes film. Cotrona appeared in Dear John alongside Channing Tatum - who is returning as Duke - and was set to play Superman in George Miller's scrapped Justice League movie."


Moebius Superhero Art

TV Entertainment

Torchwood: Miracle Day will air on Starz Friday, July 8

Astounding Inforgraphic Design

Mom Ditches Kids with Prez


McNuggets Include Foaming Agent

According to McDonald's own website, Chicken McNuggets are also made with "hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ and citric acid added to preserve freshness" and "Dimethylpolysiloxane added as an antifoaming agent."

Thanks, Stone