Sunday, September 30


Resale Outlet Party

A Board Member of Legacy Community Health, Tim M., had a party at the Outlet and as a gift a donation was accepted. Shown are a few pics from the event. The first pic is some saucy minx named Brandon. Being quite the flirt he helped make the party a success.
When I met the seemingly straight fella, he mistakingly called me "Roman", henceforth I have named him "Brit".

"The resale outlet continues to seek donations of items to be displayed and sold at the store location at 1232 Westheimer on Houston's renowned resale shopping district. All sales at the resale outlet directly benefit the mission of the agency to provide quality healthcare services to underserved Houstonians.

A Lasting Legacy Resale Outlet accepts artwork, furniture, lamps, glassware, china, vases, bar ware, tchotchkes, empty vases, gently worn clothing, good shoes, purses, clean rugs, lamp shades, jewelry, scarves, books and more."

A Lasting Legacy Resale Outlet

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