Wednesday, November 28


Action Comics #859

"Part 2 of Superman and the Legion of Superheroes - The Earth, in the name of Superman, has taken a strict no-aliens stance and has rid the planet of all it can find. The Legion of Super-Heroes is a hunted bunch, those that are left, and are directionless. Cue Braniac-5, who reaches to the past for the one hero who can save them all, the Man of Steel, Superman…..But did I forget to mention that Earth’s sun has been changed from yellow to red?

Now a rag-tag collection of Legion members and a powerless Superman must somehow right this wrong, beginning with a search for the missing Braniac-5, who may hold the key to changing everything, while trying to evade a grown-up Absorbancy Boy (now called Earth-Man) and his Justice League."

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