Saturday, June 28


And Gay Voters

"Wrapping up her DNC speech last night, Michelle Obama reminded gay voters of her husband Barack’s driving philosophy - people can change the world, we can shape it, make it and mold it as it should be: inclusive.

The Associated Press included a brief excerpt of Obama’s speech, but, as Steve Ralls points out, the newsies failed to delve deep into the potential first wive’s words. Thus, we’re including a bit of what our recorder picked up, which we find quite inspiring:

We face the choice between the world as it is and the world as it should be. We have to ask ourselves in this election, ‘are we willing to settle for the world as it is, or are we willing to work for the world as it should be.’… We have one candidate who believes the world is moving in the right direction, despite the inequalities created over 8 years. And then there’s Barack Obama, the other guy.

Barack believes that we must fight for the world as it should be, a world where together we work to reverse discriminatory laws like DOMA and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, a world where LGBT Americans get a fair shake at working hard to get ahead without workplace discrimination, a world where our federal government fully protects all of us, including LGBT Americans, from hate crimes and a world where our federal laws don’t discriminate against same-sex relationships, including equal treatment for any relationship recognized under state law, a world that recognizes that equality in relationships, family and adoption rights is not some abstract principal. It’s about whether millions of LGBT Americans can finally live lives marked by dignity and freedom.

Barack has made crystal clear his commitment to ensuring full equality for LGBT couples, that’s why he supports robust civil unions, that’s why he has said that the federal government should not stand in the way of the states that want to decide for themselves how best to pursue equality for gay and lesbian couples, whether that means domestic partnerships, civil unions or civil marriage".

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