Friday, June 5

Marvel Universe: "All-New, All-Different Marvel"

  • Pictured in the teaser art are:
    • Citizen V -- originally the "heroic" alter ego of Baron Zemo -- in his original Thunderboltsuniform
    • While it may not look like him, Marvel has confirmed that that is the Inhuman Karnak rocking a street-level look
    • Hyperion, another prominent player in Jonathan Hickman's recently concluded "Avengers" epic
    • "Inhuman" protagonist Inferno and, just on the other side of Iron Man, an unchanged Inhuman ruler Medusa
    • Daredevil sporting a new black and red costume, possibly a nod to the dark duds the Man Without Fear wore in his Netflix series
    • X-23 -- confirmed by Marvel -- in her new Wolverine-esque suit
    • Star-Lord, same as before "Secret Wars"
    • A mostly unchanged Doctor Strange, except this time carrying a massive battle axe
    • And Old Man Logan, possibly one of the characters surviving Battleworld and continuing on into the new Marvel U
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